Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pratt's Starts and Sits of the Week!

What a great game for the 49ers on Thursday, good thing I didn't have my starts and sits up as my Seattle starts would have been horrible! Tonight Dallas and Atlanta will face off in what should be a great Saturday night game! Here are my starts for Week 15!

Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT). All season long Ben has been up and down, up and down. However, over his last two games Ben has looked like his usual dominate force. Both of Carolina's starting DB are out for this game, and so Pittsburgh should open up the passing game. Carolina is 11th against the run, so they might not be able to rely on Willie Parker.

Running Back: Corey Dillon (NE). This is the game every Corey Dillon owner has been waiting for. You are in the playoffs and are looking for those huge games from your average players. This should be that game for Dillon. With Maroney out he will get all of the touches and Houston is 21st against the run!

Wide Receiver: Javon Walker (DEN). Last year and in the beginning of the season you would have thought this was a no-brainer. But with Denver's QB struggles, Walker has been a pretty big disappointment. He hasn't scored a TD in his last 4 games, but the Cards are ranked 30th against the pass, so his stats should bounce back.

Tight End: Daniel Graham (NE). It is unfortunate for Ben Watson owners that he is out this week, but it created a great opportunity for all of you watching the waiver wire. Brady has loved targeting his tight end this season, and so he should have a great game.

Defense: Green Bay Packers. No Kevin Jones, 19 interceptions thrown by Jon Kitna, and a league high 34 turnovers has the Packers defense licking their chops!

My sit last week was Tom Brady, and hopefully you took my advice because he had his worst game of the season. This week, my sit is the Denver Broncos defense. The Broncos defense keeps going from elite to average, elite to average. This week things will change. They will have a below-average game. In their current losing streak, the Broncos D is giving up 31 points on average. This week should be no different.