Friday, December 15, 2006

Saturday Night Preview

NFL Saturday Preview Week 15
Dallas (8-5) at Atlanta (7-6)

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a huge blowout loss against the New Orleans Saints. This game against Atlanta I expect them to rebound. Romo will have to shake off his first bad start of the season, which he seems to be fully capable of. The one thing that has been consistent though, is the Dallas run game. Last week, Jones broke a 77 yard TD and finished with 116 yards total. After that, being so far down, they pretty much had to abandon the run game. I don't expect that at all this week, so Jones and Barber should be solid starts as well as most of the Cowboys. Terrell Owens seems to be the obvious favorite target of Romo, but Glenn, Witten and Crayton aren't far behind. Owens and Glenn should be solid starts, and Witten moderate. I expect Dallas to try to jump on Atlanta fast, they can't let another one get away.

Start: Romo, Jones, Barber, Owens, Glenn, Witten
Sit: Crayton?

Atlanta's offense has gone from bad to worse. Against Tampa Bay last week both Norwood and Dunn were injured, and Vick failed to expose Tampa Bay's poor defense. I wouldn't expect miracles from the Falcons Saturday. Norwood and Dunn both seem to be expected to play. They both practiced Friday, but are listed as questionable. Vick, Norwood and Dunn won't have an easy time against the Dallas 6th ranked rush defense, allowing under 100 yards per game. Crumpler is the only one I'd start in this one. Vick's fantasy value and real game stats have dropped significantly. Dunn has produced less and less as the games have gone on. Norwood sees decent action and touches, but isn't a solid fantasy start. This game smells like a Cowboys dominant victory.

Start: Crumpler
Sit: Vick, Dunn, Norwood and any Falcons "receivers"