Friday, December 08, 2006

Steelers vs Browns Review

Steelers 27 Browns 7

Willie Parker
broke the Steelers single game rushing record with 223 yards on 32 carries last night against the Browns. Not only that he knocked in a TD as well. Roethlisberger had a decent game as well, didn't need to throw much. He completed 11 of 21 for 225 yards and a TD. He also ran in a TD. N Washington scored the early TD in the first quarter. He would only catch on other pass and finish with 67 yards. Heath Miller was not the factor I thought he would be in this game at all. He finished with 0 catches! It was pretty much the Willie show.

I've officially given up on the Browns! Jeez, the only one who has done much this year is B Edwards and he went through a rough streak for a while. Winslow has been a disappointment as of late, not really getting involved in the games like expected. Droughns was terrible only gaining 6 yards on 5 attempts. Jurevicius remains to be the main target on this offense catching 7 balls for 111 yards, but no TDs.

I didn't watch much of this game, pretty boring when the Browns suck so bad! Bring back Frye, I guess. Injury update coming soon!