Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 16

You don't get much time off between articles at this point in the season.

The Thursday night game is already two days away and we just had the Monday game.

This Thursday's game is a fantasy footballers dream. The Pittsburgh Steelers against the St. Louis Rams. My reasoning behind this is that they each have very reliable starting players. With the Steelers you have Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, Hines Ward, the entire defense and even Santonio Holmes. For the Rams you have Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, Steven Jackson, possibly Marc Bulger and even their defense at times.

The Rams enter the game with a record of 3-11. Very poor for this team. Over the past year or so they've begun a fast decline down the standings while the Steelers quickly rose past peoples expectations. The Rams' O-Line has allowed 44 sacks this season, all but 11 being placed on starting quarterback Marc Bulger.

Bulger is up to a rousing total of 2,008 passing yards with 7 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Bench him. Steven Jackson doesn't even have 1,000 yards on the ground yet. In the offseason he was way overrated as he was ranked the highest of one in the league in the running backs subcategory.

Flipping over to the Steelers.

They've gotten big games out of Big Ben this year. His five touchdown game against Baltimore in week 9 was truly impressive. Since 2004 when he took over he's shown quite an array of passing skills. He can maneuver the ball over the heads of defensive backs and linebackers and in to the hands of his receivers.

Fast Willie (Parker) is the teams leading rusher, no surprise, with 1,317 yards but only 2 touchdowns. He is quick but gets pounded easily by defensive backs equally as fast.

Fantasy Notes

  1. Roethlisberger is a definite start every week. Like I mentioned earlier he had a five touchdown performance. Luckily he's been able to refrain injuries so far this year.
  2. Steven Jackson, Mr. Overrated, is now a bench in my mind.
  3. Torry Holt and Issac Bruce are starts depending on who else you have on your roster.
My pick: Steelers

- Rex

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bears @ Vikings

Tonight is the clash of the Peterson's.

Adrian versus Adrian, that is.

The Minnesota version of AP is a highly touted rookie and has a clear shot at the Rookie of the Year award in the NFL. He has exactly 1,200 yards in only 11 games at the running back position. Where as the Bears' has only 291 yards.

If I were a betting kind of fellow I would put my money on the Bears and I'll tell you why.

The Minnesota Vikings team as a whole have only complied 14 interceptions in their 14 games thus far. The Bears are mainly a passing team due to the unreliability in their running backs. The Chicago wide receivers have a total of 3,214 yards which is great for Chicago. The main threat for the Bears is speedy Bernard Berrian and Devin Hester (who can flat-out out run anyone in the league in my opinion). If quarterback Kyle Orton can get his passes over the defensive backs I can see Chicago pulling away quickly.

Speaking of Orton, he'll be out to prove himself as a legitimate NFL quarterback. Like I said, if his passes are what they could be he may get the nod for next week as well. I've seen him play quite a lot, what with living near Chicago, so I know when he's on top and when he's hit rock bottom.

But heres what I think about Minnesota.

The Vikings offensive attack is mainly based around running back Adrian Peterson, whom I mentioned earlier. The Chicago defensive line has been banged up to this point and have allowed 1,601 rushing yards, 224 of which came from Peterson on October 14th.

The wide receiving core of the Vikings has been over shadowed by the terrific running ability of Adrian Peterson so I'll spend a little time on them.

Former Bear Bobby Wade is the team leader in the yards category with 451 and is averaging 11.3 yards per reception. Sidney Rice, however, is the leader in touchdown catches with 4 and 386 yards. Quaterback Tarvaris Jackson, in my mind, has yet to show his true throwing ability and tonight is probably not the night to start that. The Bears' defensive backing has been quite impressive so far and they can keep pace with speedy receivers.

My pick: Bears, due to their spectacular line backing core and their defensive backs.

Fantasy Notes - Most fantasy leagues are winding down, but oh well...

  1. Adrian Peterson is still nursing his leg from his injury. I'm not taking anything away from his ability but he may not be on-par with what hes capable of. I don't have him on my roster but if I did I'd be a little wary when starting him.
  2. If you have the Chicago Bears as a team you may want to look into starting them. I'm posting this real, real late but I'll say it anyway: start 'em. You'll get a boat load of points from Devin Hester's kick returns if they dare kick/punt to The Windy City Flier.
  3. Kyle Orton may not be a bad start tonight. If you have him benched or if you see him on the wire go ahead and slot him in a backup position. This all depends on how many quarterback slots your roster allows you to maintain. If it's only one then I'd let him rot on your bench.
  4. Sidney Rice doesn't look so bad right about now. If he's on your bench go ahead and slot him in.
Congratulations to all who have won their championship games. My current championship is down to a thread as I need Chester Taylor of the Vikings to score 7 points and I win my first ever.

Until next article,

- Rex

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bears and Redskins

I will slowly start to climb out of my hole and begin to peek at whats going on in the NFL, then actually post on this blog I have been so kindly invited to write on.

As we all know, the Bears play the Skins tonight. This would be Thursday.

The thought of the Bears playing on Thursday night is a very big thing here in Chicago and all the offensive problems have been set squarely on the shoulders of Rex Grossman. Not all the problems have come from the quaterbacks.

Cedric Benson is out for the remainder of the season so the lesser of the two Adrian Peterson's in the NFL is now at the running back position for the Bears. Last year in 16 games Peterson had only 41 yards on 10 carries. This year in twelve games he's rushed for 256 yards on 74 attempts and through the air has 335 yards with 40 receptions. 591 all purpose yards.

Now, switching over to the Redskins.

They're coming off the tragic and unfortunate death of Sean Taylor, so the team will want to play well.

Antwan Randle El and Santana Moss have combined for 1,094 yards and 82 receptions. Not too shabby for the Redskins.

Middle linebacker London Fletcher has 100 tackles exactly and no sacks. The Bears have allowed 38 sacks this year so maybe tonight will be Fletcher's chance to get his first sack of the '07-'08 season.

Defensive end Andre Carter, however, leads the team in sacks with 8. Against the Bears' somewhat weak O-line I'd say he gets 2 tonight.

Fantasy Notes

  1. Tonight would be a good game to start the Redskins' defense. I'd say they get 4 sacks as a team which can be a plus in most point leagues.
  2. Des Clark may be a good start for tonights game. He caught a TD from Grossman against the Giants so he may be looked to for a few touches tonight.
  3. Start Brian Griese. Depending on who else you have I'd go with him.
Oh right. My pick: Redskins, but barely.

Final thing here; I was digging through my football cards and I found a Devin Hester rookie card in almost perfect condition. Thats why you save the rookies.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor Dies at Age 24

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor died after being shot in the leg. Taylor was shot Monday, the bullet piercing an artery causing massive blood loss. It's sad to think how much life he had to live and how much more football he had to play.

Many don't know but this was the second time that Sean Taylor's house was broken into, in the last 2 weeks.

Not only will Sean Taylor be missed as a person, his presence in the Redskins defense will also be missed. Taylor was tied for the NFC lead for interceptions with 5, and was known to be a hard hitting defensive back.

Taylor's No. 21 will be painted in a grass parking area leading into Redskins Park in Ashburn, Va. No. 21 will also be painted in front of the Redskins Hall of Fame store.

"I am devastated over the loss of Sean Taylor," Miami coach Randy Shannon said. "When he was a student at the University of Miami, I got to know him as a person and as a football player. He was passionate about everything he did and was a great friend to his teammates. My thoughts are with his family."

He will be missed by former coaches, football players, and the fans. RIP No 21.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings after Week 11


Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Derek Anderson
Ben Roethlisberger
Brett Favre

Who would of expected Anderson, Big Ben, and Favre on this list instead of Palmer, Manning and Brees

Running Backs

Brian Westbrook
LaDainian Tomlinson
Adrian Peterson
Joseph Addai
Willis McGahee

The running back category is definitely lacking, Peterson and Addai top this list and have each missed at least one game. Ronnie Brown ranks 6th and he's been out since week 8.

Wide Receivers

Randy Moss
Terrell Owens
T.J Houshmandzadeh
Braylon Edwards
Reggie Wayne

Moss and Owens are on pace for record breaking seasons. How much I don't want to see Jerry Rice lose a record, these guys are making it look easy and fun to watch.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates
Jason Witten
Kellen Winslow
Tony Gonzalez
Heath Miller

To play a tightend has been hit and miss for some. I was big on Witten after watching the Cowboys go to their TE time and time again in preaseason. Even though San Diego is struggling, Gates is easily the best TE in the game.



It's good to look at lists like this. Two weeks ago I was able to pick up the Lions. They are leading the league in turnovers. If your regretting the Ravens defense, the Lions are a great substitute at this point.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dwight Freeney Lost for the Season

If you are reading this on the rss feed, click here to see the article.

Hot Fantasy Pickup For Week 11

This week the obvious #1 waiver wire pick-up of the week is Chester Taylor. No one knows when or if Adrian Peterson will be able to come back from injury. He is already ruled out for next weeks game against Oakland.

Luckily I didn't think Peterson would last an entire season after watching him take hits and leaving his feet quite often against the game against San Diego.

Minnesota are playing do or die with their running backs, Chester Taylor was already becoming a decent flex play. It seemed 90% of the Vikings plays were to the running backs whether it was a run or screen. Adrian Peterson couldn't get the ball the entire time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Philip Rivers Getting Worse Each Week?

Peyton Manning struggled last night particularly against Antonio Cromartie (who had 3 int's). Manning finished the game 34 of 56 with 328 yards 2 TDs and 6 interceptions. His passer rating was only 49.4. Not typical Manning numbers.

However, Manning wasn't the worst quarterback in the Colts vs Chargers game Sunday night. Rivers also had a very poor performance. He completed 13 of 24 for only 104 yards with 2 interceptions. Rivers committed his league leading 10th fumble in this game, worse yet, it was when his team was backed up on their own 2 yard line. His low 30.6 passer rating, which is the second lowest of his career, basically sums up the game for Rivers. All he had to do in the second half was really keep the lead and not mess up. Instead he fumbled in his own endzone and the Colts easily scored. That put the game a lot closer than it needed to be, it almost cost the Chargers the game.

Rivers was a key to the loss against Minnesota as well last week (his passer rating in that game only 49.4). Rivers couldn't keep the Chargers in the game. The Minnesota pass rush proved to be too much for him. The plays he could get off without too much of a rush were very poorly thrown. The three fumbles he committed didn't help either.

San Diego fans and residents are calling for Rivers to be benched.

"The defense played its heart out while Rivers' plays were awful. Please bench Rivers. Let's take a chance with Billy Volek." Lam Nguyen of San Marcos

"A win is a win, but this was pathetic! Norv, Rivers and the offense don't have a clue. I'm surprised Norv didn't challenge the final score!" Steve Wantoch of Lakeside

Not only are fans upset with the poor play of Philip Rivers, but ultimately of the Chargers.

"This was not a win! It was a Colts loss." Chris Dennis of Ramona

Can the Chargers answer the call of the fans and wakeup? They've got another tough game against Jacksonville coming up to get prepared for. Jacksonville has a strong defensive team, so the Chargers may end up relying on Cromartie once again.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Start Em Sit Em Week 10

Start 'Em

QB Kitna- After a huge performance against Denver, I would expect much of the same against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are ranked 7th against the pass allowing 194 yards per game. However, Detriot should have a lot of opportunities to score.

RB McGahee- Probably one of the most consistent backs in the NFL right now, he is a strong play the next two weeks. I traded to get him in another league. He was held to only 50 yards against a strong Pittsburgh D. This week at home against the 28th ranked rushing defense, Cincinnati, he is going to go over 100 yards and a touchdown.

WR Stokley- By now you should have your strong starters, but in leagues where you start several wide receivers, it can be a matchup or bye week battle. With Welker, Cotchery and the Texans wideouts on bye, it could leave you with an open spot. This week I am plugging in Brandon Stokley. Since Walkers injury he has been a decent option getting a lot of looks in the passing game. He scored the only touchdown for Denver last week.

Defense- Detriot Lions- As I mentioned in Hot Pick-up For Week 10, the Lions could be a huge start for you this week. The other leading fantasy defense is on bye, so the Lions is a great fill-in against a struggling Arizona offense. The only TD came for them last week in the 4th quarter, with the game pretty sealed.

The Lions lead the NFL in turnovers and it should be more of the same this week.

Sit Em

Rudi Johnson / Kenny Watson- The running back tandem didn't do too great against the Bills. The only way Watson saved face in fantasy points was his catching out of the backfield. Against Baltimore I'd expect much of the same.

Steven Jackson- Jackson was my start when he came back and he was looking great. After suffering ANOTHER injury he's back, but not in full force. Leave him on the bench another week.

Marques Colston- He's been hot, but it can't last, he's looked terrible the first half of the season. I want to sell high on this guy while he still has value.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hot Pick-up of the Week

The hot pickup of the week award isn't going to a certain player. This week it has to be the Detriot Lions. Their defense is leading the league in interceptions along with 2 defensive TDs. They also lead the league in forced fumbles.

This strong defensive play has come out of nowhere. In my leagues the Patriots defense has the most points, followed by the Lions defense. Against the blowout in Denver they got 31 total points for the defense.

Against the Cardinals this week I hope for more of the same. With the Patriots defense on bye, if you can snag the Detriot Lions defense, they should be a great play for you this week.

Ryan Grant Proves to be 3rd String

When the season began I don't even know where Ryan Grant started on the depth chart, but I am assuming it was behind Jackson, Wynn, and Morency.

After rushing for 104 yards against Denver, he was a hot pick-up for the week. I wasn't too impressed by his performance, he was remember, facing the worst rushing defense in the league.

On Sunday Ryan Grant couldn't do anything against Kansas City only rushing for 55 yards on 19 carries (2.9 avg).

Next week they play Minnesota, so don't even think about starting him!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Waiver Wire Pick-Up of the Week

After a great Monday night performance against the Denver Broncos, Ryan Grant is the pick-up of the week. However, I am a little reserved about it. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when Brandon Jackson lost the starting job to Deshawn Wynn. After that Wynn has been disappointing and unpredictable.

The only reason Grant got an opportunity, was because of Wynn's season ending injury. That puts Grant in the same position Wynn was in.

Brandon Jackson, who has thus far been a disappointing, is going to be active and playing next Sunday. He should split the carries along with Grant and we can't forget Morency.

We also have to remember Grant's 100+ yard rushing performance was against the leagues worst defense, who on average gives up 166 yards per game rushing.

Grant will have to prove himself to me before I become a believer. Next week the Packers are against #17th ranked rushing defense Kansas City.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Contenders and Pretenders in the AFC

We are going into week 9 of the regular season. With it half over, you can start to see the playoff picture forming.

Who's contending, and whos pretending?

AFC West


Kansas City (4-3) The Chiefs are tied for first, almost by default. Larry Johnson has been suspect for the most part. The best player has been rookie Bowe, which I would be concerned about.


San Diego (4-3) They are the real deal and proved it yesterday by scoring 35 points in the first half against the Texans. With so many weapons on offense and defense, San Diego should easily win the division as expected

AFC North


Baltimore (4-3) Whether it's Steve McNair or Kyle Boller, they have the same chances of winning. As long as McGahee can stay healthy and keep running they might have a chance.

Cleveland (4-3) Even though their offense has drastically improved, they still are the Browns. Having one of the worst defenses in the NFL will cost Cleveland several games down the road.


Pittsburgh (5-2) They did lose that heartbreaker to Denver, but the Steelers are pretty solid. With Ward coming back from injury, they have his consistent play, along with a great run game, and a strong defense.

AFC South


Jacksonville (5-2) I think coaching may be a factor here. Why isn't Jones-Drew getting the majority of the carries? Just watch him play and you'll make a case for him too. They can't do it all on the ground either. The defense is good, but not as solid as they need to be.


Indianapolis (7-0) They are the colts! Even with injuries they find a way to win.

Tennessee (5-2) With Vince Young's worst QB performance, they still found a way to win. The stats may not be pretty, but they do compete. They almost handing the Colts their only loss.

AFC East


Buffalo (3-4) The Bills have found a way to win a couple of games, but this is hands down the Patriots division. Buffalo will be lucky to compete for a wildcard spot.


New England (8-0) Just have to get past the Colts, and sweet 16 may be there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fantasy Football Start'em Sit'em Week 8

Start 'Em

QB Ben Roethlisberger- I found myself starting several Pittsburgh Steelers this week against the Bengals this week. I hope Cincy will keep it close enough for Big Ben to throw it a few times this week.

RB Steven Jackson- We've seen questionable 'returns' out of running backs like Rudi Johnson and Laurence Maroney, but Jackson might be a different story. Going against the #30 ranked rushing defense, the Browns shouldn't give Jackson any trouble. Could be the easiest week for Marc Bulger yet.

WR Braylon Edwards- A lot of my teams are hurting, so getting Edwards back after the bye will really help. Edwards and the Browns against the Rams, should be able to do some damage. Look for Derek Anderson to have a big week too.

Sit 'Em

Earnest Graham- If you were using Graham to plug in for injuries and bye weeks, it may be time to trade or drop him. He did well against the Lions, but remember, its the Lions. This week in Jacksonville he should get shutdown. After Arizona in week 9, they have the bye week. By then Bennett should be fully understanding of the offense and splitting the bulk of the carries with Graham.

Kenny Watson / Rudi Johnson- Rudi is back to being listed as doubtful, so that leaves Kenny Watson. The Steelers have allowed only 1 rushing TD this season. Along with that, they average only 75 yards allowed per game on the ground. That means trouble for Watson.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chris Chambers in San Diego

Chris Chambers has less fantasy value in San Diego. I will not be scrambling to get him. In Miami, he leads the team in receiving yards. In San Diego, he will be lost in the bunch. Can you remember the last successful wide receiver to play for San Diego? It's not because of the lack of wide receiver talent, just the game plan. They don't need to throw with Tomlinson and Gates.

With so many offensive weapons, San Diego doesn't need to throw many TDs. When they do, it's generally not to a wide receiver. So far this season only 3 of 8 touchdowns have been to a wide receiver. Of the 17 total amount of touchdowns, 3 have been scored by wide receivers.

Last season 9 of 24 passing touchdowns were caught by receivers. If the stats hold true again (since the offense is almost identical, minus coaches) that means receivers should catch about 6 more touchdowns. Of those 6, I'd give at least two to Vincent Jackson, some to Buster Davis, where does Chris Chambers fit?

Chris Chambers should be worth the second round pick it took to get him. Eric Parker will not be able to return to the Chargers this season, and will be placed on the injured reserve.

Chambers could fit into the San Diego gameplan, but I would take a wait and see approach on him before putting any value on him.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What To Do If You Are 0-5

I've always been pretty good with fantasy football, and I usually win the league, or a majority of my games. For the first time I find myself 0-5. Due to draft malfunctions, injuries, and bad starts, my team has been terrible.

My team consists of questionable and injured players like Kurt Warner, Sammy Morris, Marc Bulger, Cedric Benson and Stephen Jackson. I also have good players like Willis McGahee, Joey Galloway, Jason Witten, and Joseph Addai.

What Can You Do?


Chances are you aren't the only one struggling. What you really want to do is upgrade. If you have a surplus at Running Back or Wide Receiver, package them up and get 1 good player. At this point you don't need depth, you need to win. Say you are holding some handcuffs like Kenny Watson, Michael Turner, or Sammy Morris. Those players aren't worth anything to you when they aren't playing, however they still have value. Adding on a wide receiver to a package someone might bite on a trade for someone who is producing now.

Hit the Waiver Wire

It's time to cut those who aren't producing and you can't trade. I mentioned I still had Bulger, I'm going to get rid of him. He's not doing me any good and he wasn't before either. If you are holding on to players like that.

Prepare for Next Season

This mostly applies to keeper leagues. If you have no hope to win, start preparing for next year. Some leagues allow you to trade future draft picks. If you have a few players on your bench or even starting you may be able to swing deals for mid level picks. Having two picks in a round can make your team more solid.

You may be 0-5 now, but make sure you won't be next year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fantasy Waiver Wire for Week 6

With so many players suffering injuries you need to really pay close attention to the waiver wire.

Consider these players when hitting the waiver wire this week:

Kurt Warner is the hot QB pickup of the week. He has gotten decent stats with Leinart starting, now with him out for the season, he's in a great place to produce some points. I went out to get him after Bulger and Kitna have been hurting my team.

Jeff Garcia is only owned in 47% of fleaflicker fantasy leagues. He is a bit hard to predict, but he is a decent option at this point.

Earnest Graham could be a huge fantasy wire pickup as more and more running backs are suffering big injuries. He didn't produce last week, but I still have faith in this pickup.

Many other running backs are on a bye week that should be able to wait on for another week. Najeh Davenport exploded against the Seahawks and could be a great pickup.

Not much on the wide receiver or tight end watch. Possible wide receiver pickups are Andre Davis, Nate Burleson, and Devery Henderson. Each have their own questionable fantasy traits. Picking one would be Burleson at home against New Orleans.

I made a last minute move on Sunday morning picking up Heath Miller in place of Todd Heap and I'm glad I did. Heap owners may need to replace him again this week, although he did practice. It's slim pickings for me, but a possible play is Greg Olsen who scored his first TD last week.

The hot waiver wire pickup for kickers this week has got to be Kris Brown who hit 5 field goals last sunday and three of them were from more than 50 yards.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Start em Sit em for Week 5


Jon Kitna- With tons of QB injuries Kitna has originally been my QB backup, and now it's time to put him in.

Sammy Morris- If Laurence Maroney can't go again expect another big day for Morris against the Browns. Last week he rushed for over 100 yards and a TD against the Bengals

Earnest Graham- He's been one of the hot pickups of the week with Caddy going down. Last week he had 17 attempts for 48 yards and a TD. Against STL he had 8 attempts for 75 yards and 2 TDs. Not only does he apparently have that breakout ability, he will get the goaline carries.

Braylon Edwards- He has at least one TD in his past three games. Even going against New England I expect him to continue his success. I called him a possible bust early this season, but he has so far proved me wrong. Maybe because of Derek Anderson?

Marques Colston- It's been hard to play him since he has only put up 1 TD this season. If the Saints are going to get anywhere against Carolina it will be through the air and with Colston.

Texans Def- With my Vikings defense on a BYE, the Texans should be a nice fit here. Surprisingly they are the top 10 in fantasy defenses. Against Miami they shouldn't have too much trouble.


I don't have many sits this week, because my sits are people who are injured. I threw together two though.

Bernard Berrian- No QB, no WR

Vincent Jackson- Being "distracted" isn't helping the Chargers.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another RB Bites the Dust

Running back Carnell "Cadillac" Williams will undergo season-ending knee surgery.

Williams injured his right knee during the first quarter of last Sundays game. Caddy overcame a huge slump continuing from last season. In week 2 he rushed for 61 yards and 2 TDs, and the following week vs St Louis he rushed for 46 yards and a TD.

Michael Pittman and Earnest Graham are going to split the load at RB. Pittman has more yards, but Graham has 3 TDs on the year, and may be worth a look.

With Caddy and Alstott out, it looks as though Graham should continue to get the goal line carries. If your hurting at running back and looking for the next best guy, Graham might be worth a spot at this point.

Schutt IoN 4D Football Helmet

The Ultimate Site for the Ultimate Fan
Schutts Sports ordered a ReviewMe to create a little buzz about their new football helmet. I haven't looked much into sports equipment so I thought it would be pretty interesting to learn about what's new.

What is it?

The Schutt IoN 4D is the new helmet that incorporates an all-new faceguard that has never been seen before. It is integrated into the helmet shell itself, not attached like other helmets.

The faceguard provides players with a wider view of the field compared to other faceguard designs.

The helmet is cushioned with the next generation of SkyDex2. The Skydex2 claims to be the most advanced cushioning system in the game. What makes it different is that it isn't foam like the rest of the cushions in football helmets today.

The helmet was designed using the latest 3d computer modeling and impact analysis, that hopes to rival other popular helmets available to players today.

Who Wears It?

How interesting would this review be if it was just explaining the product? I was impressed to see that the new style of helmet was already popular in both college and the pro's. College teams such as Penn State, Virginia, and TCU wear the helmet. Also, New York Giants Amani Toomer and Brandon Jacobs both wear the helmet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantasy Rankings After Week 3

Here are the Top 5 players at their position:


  • Tom Brady
  • Tony Romo
  • Carson Palmer
  • Jake Delhomme
  • Derek Anderson

As the season progresses I'm sure we will see Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb on this list. Derek Anderson scored more than half of his points in week 2.

Running Backs

  • Brian Westbrook
  • LaMont Jordan
  • Marion Barber
  • Ronnie Brown
  • Joseph Addai

Not the usual suspects on the top 5. I called that Lamont Jordan could be a quality pick in the later rounds and that has proved true. Marion Barber is still spliting carries with Jones, but Barber is running twice as good as him, plus he gets the goal line carries.

Wide Receivers

  • Randy Moss
  • Chad Johnson
  • Plaxico Burress
  • Steve Smith
  • Terrell Owens

After the stuggle last season, the Giants offense has turned around with Eli Manning stepping up. I don't know if he didn't throw to Burress enough last year, but he's getting the ball to him now.

Tight Ends

  • Antonio Gates
  • Jason Witten
  • Kellen Winslow
  • Dallas Clark
  • Benjamin Watson

I was big on Jason Witten for the draft after I saw Tony Romo constantly hit his tight end in preaseason. The usual TE's are on the list with Heap and Crumpler right behind the 5.


  • Vikings
  • Steelers
  • Texans
  • Patriots
  • Bears

Obviously the Texans are a huge surprise here. As well as the Vikings being #1 so far. They had big weeks against Atlanta and Detriot in week 1 and 2.

These top 5 should be the highest in most standard leagues. Some players won't continue to be hot, it might be time to move them for players who are struggling, but have the talent to do better. I just acquired Steven Jackson myself which would of been a perfect trade if he didn't get injured already.

McCallister Out for Season, Jackson Out for Week

Duece McAllister tore his anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the rest of the season. No need for fantasy owners to keep him on their roster any longer. This is good for Reggie Bush owners however. He scored two touchdowns but only rushed for 15 yards on 7 attempts.

Running backs have had a tough season so far, this reaches to Steven Jackson as well. Jackson will miss at least one week with a partial tear in his left groin.

If you need a spot start you might want to consider rookie back Brian Leonard. Even though the offense is struggling he may be the fire they need.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Andre Johnson OUT

Houston Texans #1 Wide Receiver Andre Johnson has been ruled out of the next game against Indianapolis. He is recovering from a sprained knee.

When asked if there was a possibility if he would play at all Johnson said "No. I mean as it looks right now, you look at me right now, no I wouldn't be out there on Sunday."

This is tough for Andre Johnson owners (like me) and people who are trying to get value out of Matt Schaub right now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fantasy Waiver Wire Watch for Week 3

After a couple of week 1 wonders, who came out ready in week 2?

DeShawn Wynn

Wynn has taken two TD's from Green Bay Running Back Brandon Jackson, if you have him you should be worried. If you are thin at RB you might want to take a flier on Wynn who rushed for 50 yards on Sunday and scored 2 TDs. Who knows how long the Packers will continue to win and play well, so get him soon!

Matt Schaub

Dump those scrub QB's you are holding on to like Losman, and get with Schaub. With such a talented receiver like Andre Johnson to throw to, Schaub is becoming a great bet. Not a bad day on sunday with 227 passing and 2 TDs.

Derek Anderson

I'm sure no one had him starting against the Bengals last week and who knows if he will continue to produce points for the Browns. However with 328 passing yards and 5 touchdowns, he may be worth a post on your roster. The next two weeks should be rough for him though, facing Baltimore and New England.

Shaun McDonald

With the Detroit Lions deep receiving core, McDonald has found a place. In week one he had 6 catches for 90 yards and a touchdown. Last week he had 7 catches for 71 yards. Even though the Lions have plenty of talent at Wide Receiver, McDonald is still getting plenty of looks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Poets Pickem Week 2

Last week I was 12-4, not bad.

Week 2
Winners in Bold

Houston vs Carolina
Cincinnati vs Cleveland
Indianapolis vs Tennessee
New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
San Francisco vs St. Louis
Buffalo vs Pittsburgh
Green Bay vs New York Giants
Atlanta vs Jacksonville
Seattle vs Arizona
Dallas vs Miami
Minnesota vs Detroit
Oakland vs Denver
Kansas City vs Chicago
New York Jets vs Baltimore
San Diego vs New England
Washington vs Philadelphia

Fined and Penalized for Cheating

I'm sure many of you have seen the penalty handed down by the NFL for the Patriots 'cheating'.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was fined 500,000 and the team was ordered to pay 250,000 even though the owner apparently was unaware of the cheating. In addition to the money, the Patriots will have to give up their first round pick if they miss the play offs, or their second AND third round if they don't.

No team has ever been penalized a first round draft pick.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joey Harrington in Atlanta

If Joey Harrington isn't the answer, who is?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Charlie Frye Traded to Seattle

After a terrible start in week one, Frye has been traded. Seattle Seahawks give up a sixth-round draft pick for him.

Frye went 4 for 10 for 34 yards and an interception. Frye was benched before halftime. Derek Anderson didn't do too much better, but he did lead the Browns to score.

I guess this shows that Derek Anderson is the man in Cleveland, at least for now. Until Quinn is thrown to the wolves, or should I say dogs.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasy Player Spotlight on Randy Moss

Many fantasy football players questioned how Randy Moss would fit into the Patriots explosive offense. After week 1 the answer is very apparent. He fits perfectly.

After showing great poise with 9 receptions, 183 yards and a TD, he has silenced his critics. At least for this week.

If Randy Moss can continue to play football this way he will no doubt be a top 5 fantasy receiver this season.

Will Moss be able to open up the Chargers strong defense next week? In the past Randy Moss hasn't been very successful against the Chargers, but that is partly due to the Oakland Raiders bad play.

Regardless of the defense it may be wise to plug Randy Moss into your starting line-up if you haven't already

Friday, September 07, 2007

Poet's Pick'em for Week 1

I'm getting this up a little late, considering one game already played. However, I did pick Indy to win in my 'pick'em' league.

Week 1
Winners in Bold

Denver vs Buffalo
Miami vs Washington
Pittsburgh vs Cleveland
Tennessee vs Jacksonville
Kansas City vs Houston
Philidelphia vs Green Bay
Carolina vs St Louis
Atlanta vs Minnesota
New England vs New York Jets
Tampa Bay vs Seattle
Detriot vs Oakland
Chicago vs San Diego
New York Giants vs Dallas
Baltimore vs Cincinnati
Arizona vs San Francisco

These are straight up picks without the spread. There could definitely be some upsets this week. I think the Baltimore and Cincinnati have the makings for a great and close game. That one could go either way, but I gave it to Cinci because they are at home

Who are your picks?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Indianapolis Colts Look Like Superbowl Champs Week 1

The game turned out to really be what you can expect out of the Colts. Everyone started off a little slower, but as the game went on, you could really tell the Colts owned the game. Joseph Addai had 100 yards by the 3rd quarter, and saw very little of the 4th. Rookie left tackle Ugoh was a great blocker in this game.
Brees didn't manage the game well at all, and no one on the Saints really emerged to have a good game. Peyton Manning was really on point, and felt very little pressure through out the game.

Stats and Fantasy Impact

New Orleans Saints

No one player had a good game. Many people will be disappointed on how Drew Brees played. He threw zero touchdowns with 2 interceptions. The tandem of McAllister and Bush combined for under 80 rushing yards. Colston and Henderson were almost non-existent in this game. It was all around disappointing for the Saints, the only touchdown scored was on a defensive play.

Indianpolis Colts

Peyton Manning

With 288 yards and 3 touchdowns, he should rank among the top three quarterbacks for the week statistically.

Joseph Addai

I was worried about how he would handle the load alone this season, but he did very well finishig with over 100 yards and a touchdown.

Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne

Wayne finished with two touchdowns and 115 yards. Harrison also did very well with 83 yards and a touch.

I hope we will see more of the Saints of last season next week at Tampa Bay. They really played bad, if they can't turn it around the Bears may only be the only contender in the NFC. Indianapolis goes to Tennessee next week. If they play like they did tonight, they won't have a problem with anyone.

The Raiders Aren't Taboo this Season

That's just for one simple reason, their value is so low. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to figure out their quarterback mess, but look at some of the other options.

Lamont Jordan

According to myfantasyleague.com Lamont Jordan's average draft position is after players like Carnell Williams and Tatum Bell. If you are in a deeper league where running backs are slim, you could definitely go ahead and draft him in the 6th round. Some leagues are showing that he isn't being drafted until rounds 7-10. By drafting him so late, taking a flier on him might not be a bad choice.

Ronald Curry

I've selected Curry as one of my sleepers. He should be available to you in the last rounds of your draft. I took him as my last pick in one league. If he doesn't perform I won't have a problem dropping him.

Jerry Porter

He has quietly become a higher pick than Curry. I wouldn't take him for that reason. Some people are however higher on him than I am. He's an excellent receiver but hasn't been utilized in the Raider offense for a long time now. Both Porter and Curry appear to be the starters, so either of them can have potentially good seasons.

If you've already drafted like many have, you could possibly pick these guys up if they are on waivers. Another possibility is if you are trading someone and they have these guys, ask them to throw them into the trade, I'm sure they aren't valued much.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Last weekend I did my first live draft of the season. My strategy was simple going with picks 12 and 13 of a 12 team league. Draft running backs!

The league starts 1qb, 1rb, 1 flex, 2 wr, 1 te, def, and of course a kicker. Having two strong running backs is particularly important with a flex. Especially if you start 2 rb and 1 flex you most likely want to draft a running back with your first 3 picks.

My draft went as follows:

#1 R. Johnson
#2 L. Maroney
#3 T. Romo
#4 M. Colston
#5 H. Ward
#6 T. Heap
#7 B. Edwards
#8 T. Bell
#9 Calvin Johnson (108 overall)
#10 Big Ben
#11 Pats Defense
#12 R. Curry (133 overall)
#13 L. Washington
#14 Elam

Analyzing my own draft you can see where I went wrong. I didn't take another running back until the 8th round. Who I drafted isn't a strong running back at that. I reached for Todd Heap way to early and could have used that pick to grab someone who was still on the board like Fred Taylor or Adrian Peterson.

Getting into the later rounds you can see when I started to gamble a bit. I took a chance on several wide receivers like Calvin Johnson and Ronald Curry. Taking them so low I can possibly get great value out of them via trade if they blow up. If they bust, it's not much of a loss there.

I have another draft today, we'll see how that one goes.

Friday, August 31, 2007

NFL News for August 31st

I was out of the house all day, and I come back to tons of football news!

First off, a nice break for the Giants, Michael Strahan is reporting to camp. Maybe he just wanted to skip camp? Was he ever really going to retire?

Huge news out of Jacksonville (now I sound like the announcer from Madden), Byron Leftwich has become the odd man out. David Gerrard was announced the starting quarterback. Coach Jack Del Rio said the team will likely trade or release Leftwich. If you have Leftwich on your fantasy team for some reason, he has zero value at this point. DROP Leftwich.

Injured veteran receiver Keenan McCardell was cut by the Houston Texans. The emergence of third-round pick Jacoby Jones, leaves McCardell without a job. The Texans also released running back Wali Lundy, who was on several sleeper lists last year except for mine. With Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, and Samkon Gado in the mix there is no room for Lundy.

The Oakland Raiders are keeping their starting quarterback a secret to try to give them an edge against the Lions. It's pretty hard to tell who they will chose, both had decent preseasons. I'd go with Culpepper, see what he can do.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Potential Fantasy Football Busts for 2007

I've covered my fantasy football sleepers. When trying to make up my fantasy football busts, I found it a little bit harder, until I got in the spirit!

Eli Manning

Manning has huge bust potential and I really wanted to stay away from him this year, I had him last season. All talk about Eli has been negative, and he really just doesn't have the weapons he did. Burress has been injured off and on, and Tiki Barber isn't there to carry the load.

Donovan McNabb

The only thing that makes him a possible bust is his injury factor. Even though he was injured last season, he basically sent me to the playoffs himself. However, he wasn't there to win the championship for me. However, if he gets injured earlier this season, he can be a great loss for you.

Laurence Maroney

As TFFG said "It's time for Maroney to put up or shut up". He is going to be the featured back and see what he can do. He showed great "flashes" of brilliance, but at other times he really lacked. I drafted him as the 13th overall pick in my last draft, and I hope he shakes off his bust status.

Fred Taylor

"ESPN Guru's" had Fred Taylor ranked the 5th overall running back in early preseason. Anything really early for Taylor can definitely consider him a bust. Drafting him too early, you won't be able to get good value for him.

Randy Moss

Some people are considering Moss as a SLEEPER, which is very unlikely. Basically with his ability and potential he really is only a sleeper or bust. Randy Moss, just due to his talent, is still a top 20 wide receiver, but he can get lost in the system in New England. He will still get his looks, but he won't be a featured premier receiver. When that happens, should we expect to hear complaints?

Braylon Edwards

Edwards is a great wide receiver, but because he is a Cleveland Brown, he is very inconsistent. Last season I never knew when to play him. Between Winslow and Jurevicious taking his catches and the turnovers, there is even fewer balls to catch.

Jeremy Shockey

This goes for all Giants receivers, be careful. I definitely don't think Shockey will be putting up top 5 TE numbers. There are plenty more consistent TE's to take this season.

Do you have a bust list? Let us know who you think is going to under perform this year.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lance Briggs and His Crashed Lamborghini

Lance Briggs 350,000$ 2007 Lamborghini was found crashed and heavily damaged. No one was in the car and no indication of injury.

The Chicago Bears linebacker is supposed to meet with police today. The car was not reported stolen. However, no one knows if he was in fact driving the car at the time.

I don't know about him, but I wouldn't just loan my expensive Lamborghini out to just anyone.

"Police said it doesn't appear that anyone was injured in the crash. Whoever was behind the wheel of the luxury Italian sports car could face misdemeanor charges for improper lane usage and leaving the scene of the accident, St. Clair said." Nfl.Com

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers

Today I am giving you my wide receiver sleepers. I have already listed my quarterback sleepers and my running back sleepers.

Vincent Jackson

So many people are calling him a sleeper, you have to be careful drafting him. If you reach for him he can lose his "sleeper status". You also have to remember the Chargers haven't had a feature receiver since maybe Tony Martin in the 90's. You may be saying "who?", exactly! Don't put too much stock into Jackson.

Joe Horn

Since no one really wants to touch anyone Falcon related you may be able to get value out of Horn. I think Horn can show he still has something and Atlanta is lucky to have him.

New Orleans Receivers

I think you will be safe taking any Saints receivers. Obviously Colston isn't a sleeper anymore, but Devery Henderson and Terrance Copper are also options as 2nd, 3rd and 4th receivers for your team.

Other mentions for wide receiver sleepers (not from me) are Ronald Curry and of course Moss. Good luck with those!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Play Fantasy Football at FFLCommish.com

Many people have already begin to draft for their fantasy football season. If you are still undecided about where to play you might want to take a look at Fantasy Football Commissioner.

It is a pay to play league starting at 49.95 to create your own league. The fantasy football league manager gives you full control of your league, nearly everything is possible. They have very unique services that give you very extreme flexibility. Basically, you can make fantasy football your own thing. Change it, tweak it, play it.

A really unique feature that they offer is the same players on different teams. For example, a league may want each conference to allow teams to have the same player, but that player can only be on one team in each conference. So if there is 4 conferences, there can be 4 Peyton Mannings. What happens in the playoffs I don't know, but it will definitely make things interesting.

Get on the Forum

A forum is the best place to get a lot of different opinions on your fantasy football questions. If you need some advice on who to start post up a thread. FFLCommish also offers a nice forum where you can ask who you should start and also find out player injuries.

Wait Theres More

On top of that they write articles! Recently they have been posting their sleeper picks (as I have). Not sure I could agree at Shaun Alexander being a sleeper, he's still ranked on the top 5 on some lists. Taking a look at their Sleeper Wr list it's interesting to see Randy Moss at the top of the list. Being a Patriots wide receiver, that's already one strike against him, and being Randy Moss is strike two. However they are good articles if your looking for a nice fantasy football read, and some players to watch.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What If

--Did you realize that if Randy Moss had stayed with the Raiders, he and Daunte Culpepper would once again be paired up? What if they were the best combo of WR - QB next to Manning and Harrison in the league? The Raiders could've made a stand this year, if their defense held up.

--If Cedric Benson had showed up for training camp, the Bears would've given him the starting job. Thus taking the starting position away from Jones and potentially crushed the Bears' chances of going to the Super Bowl last year. Benson can run hard and score and all that jazz, but if he had gotten the job would they have even gone to the Super Bowl? Granted it was a year after the entire debacle, but a year is a lot in the NFL.

--Think about this. The Colts keep Edgerrin James. He starts and Addai is forgotten. Do the Colts still win the Super Bowl? If he stayed, then Addai would have some serious competition for the starting role. As soon as James left for Arizona, he was handed the job on a silver platter. He's a better RB than Rhodes, so he was the obvious man to go to. But James wasn't as big a guy. The Colts had a tough schedule last year defensive wise, would James've held up to it?

Vick Pleads Guilty to Dogfighting, Will Go to Prison

(ex) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has accepted a guilty plea deal. He will plead guilty to the federal dogfighting case and is scheduled to appear in court next Monday to determine his punishment.

After consulting with his family over the weekend, Vick came to the decision of pleading guilty. He apologized again. He "is accepting full responsibility for his actions."

Vick was apparently negotiating for a shorter prison sentence with hopes of 1 year or under. However it is more likely to be 18-36 months.

Good luck Mr. Vick.

Fantasy Football Running Back Sleeper

I listed my quarterback fantasy sleepers. Today I want to share a two possible running back sleepers.

Lamont Jordan

I heard someone on ESPN talking about him. I was one who got stuck with him last year, and I actually got value for him, trading him. This year he isn't getting drafted until the later rounds like 6 or 7. There won't be many running back starters left at that point in the draft, so you could get great value out of him drafting him so late. Jordan is definitely someone you don't want to reach for, but if he's sitting there in the later rounds he may be worth taking a flyer on compared to the other talent available.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Some of these "ESPN Gurus" have Fred Taylor going #5 in running backs. Pretty ridiculous. However, Jones-Drew is going a little later. There are running backs better than him, since they get more carries.

Jones-Drew is going to have another great year. If you saw him play last year at all you would agree. He just runs right over people, he's almost impossible to tackle. I was surprised Taylor lasted all of last season, but who knows if that will last. Jones-Drew can be a great pick as the say #15th running back taken.

Those are my sleepers, next time I have my Wide Receiver and Tight End sleepers, then it's on to the busts!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers

A sleeper can really be anyone that you get good value for. If you draft LT in the 2nd round which would never happen, he could be a "sleeper".

It's very difficult to choose sleepers as anyone can potentially become a sleeper. I have chosen 3 possible sleeper quarterbacks.

Jon Kitna

With Kevin Jones out, and a huge wide receiver tandem, there is little reason for Kitna not to do well. I imagine Detroit will be pass first for most of the year. There is endless possibilities at wide receiver. Kitna did well last year and I would definitely pick him for my team.

Joey Harrington

He will take a little time to get going, but he was decent at times last year. He's on a better team even with the Vick 'scandal' going on. Atlanta has been run first for a long time. Warrick Dunn and Norwood will open it up for Harrington. He can then dump the ball off to either RB, Alge Crumpler or Joe Horn. He could definitely serve as a possible backup

Jeff Garcia

He is also being drafted very low. Losman and Campbell both rank above him. Even though he is aging I think you can get value for him so low. Tampa Bay is a better team with Jeff Garcia as the QB.

I will be posting my sleepers for running back, wide receiver, and TE as well as possible busts for each position.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mike Alstott Out for the Season

Mike Alstott won't be on the field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. It is unclear if he can return next season. A neck injury has put him on the IR.

Mike Alstott is a huge key to the Bucs offense. His production has gone down every year, however he still contributes.

This injury directly affects Carnell Williams. He only scored 1 touchdown last season. Without Alstott (who scored 3 tds) he may get more goal line carries. However, who is going to block? I wouldn't bet my season on Cadillac Williams though.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Win 400$

Taking a quick break from NFL news I want to tell you a way that you can win 400$, no strings attached.

Invesp is giving away 400$ just for subscribing to their RSS feed. They aren’t going to give away 400$ for nothing, you have to work for it.

Here’s how you can win

First you must subscribe to their RSS feed. Sometime before the end of August they will post a secret word in their RSS feed. You can’t know the exact date, that would be too easy. When you see the word you email it to contest@invesp.com.

One randomly selected entry will win 300$. If the person chosen to win is also a part of their mybloglog community they will get another 100$. When you win, make sure to cut me in on the action!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quinn Signs, Minter Retires

Brady Quinn has ended his 11 day holdout and finally signs with the Cleveland Browns. He agreed to a five-year contract worth 20.2 million, with 7.75 million guaranteed.

Mike Minter, Carolina's career leader in games started and tackles, has decided to call it quits after 10 seasons.

"I thought about it long and hard," Minter said. "I don't want to be at 80 or 85 percent, but want to be remembered as a player who always played at 100 percent."

Minter has had trouble with his knees and wasn't sure his body could complete another grueling NFL season.

Friday, July 27, 2007

More NFL Rookie Draft Picks Sign

Why it takes 2 months for a player to sign coming out of the draft confuses me. They want more money, give them more money. You want to sign them for less money, sign them for less money. I just can't imagine a 2 month negotiation.

First-round draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins. Ginn, the second receiver picked, was chosen 9th overall. With this signing, Miami now has all their picks under contract.

Running back Chris Henry agreed to terms on a four-year deal with the Tennessee Titans, leaving only top draft pick Michael Griffin as their only unsigned draft pick. Henry should compete with Chris Brown and Lendale White for the starting position.

The Houston Texans have agreed to contract terms with defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, the youngest player ever selected in the modern-era draft, and the 10th player chosen overall in this year's NFL draft. He will sign a 6 year contract worth a 17.7 million.

Joe Thomas agreed to $42.5M deal for 5 years. The Cleveland Browns drafted Thomas 3rd overall. With cornerback Eric Wright also signing, that leaves just Brady Quinn as the only unsigned draft pick.

Michael Strahan is Considering Retirement

After several seasons cut short to injury, we may have seen the last of Michael Strahan on the football field. Starahan failed to report to training camp today.

Strahan may be seeking more money, or a new deal, but I don't think the Giants will commit anymore money to the aging sack wonder.

"Obviously I am disappointed that he is not here," said Coach Tom Coughlin, "He is a very important part of our team as we have talked all along. We are just going to have to wait for more information."

We do not know why he is considering retirement, it is all speculation at this point. Strahan wasn't available to comment.

Reports are saying the Giants may consider moving second-year pro Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end. He was moved to strongside linebacker in April to try to get him more playing time.

Marc Bulger agrees to contract extension

Marc Bulger ended his short 1 day holdout, and signed a six-year contract extension. Bulger was a no-show for a mandatory team meeting on July 26th. He was threatening to hold out for the season, however they got a deal done.

The St. Louis Rams agreed to sign him for 65 million making him the highest-paid player in franchise history. Bulger must be glowing, because 27 million of that is guaranteed money. Bulger's old salary had him at about 4 million.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free Sporting News Magazine

I have personally signed up to get 50 free issues of The Sporting News Magazine. I wanted to allow our readers to get the same offer. If you go to Free Biz Mag and fill out some information about yourself, and your "occupation" you will receive the free magazine subscription.

"No credit card required and you will never be billed."

I used to subscribe to this magazine years ago, but stopped. I don't think it is quite as good as the ESPN and Sports Illustrated mags, but it does give a good read. Especially with fantasy football coming up, they will start doing their draft rankings. If you sign up now, you should get it in time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NFL Rankings: The top 12 teams

Every Tuesday during the regular season, Yahoo! Sports NFL writers Jason Cole and Charles Robinson rank every team and provide some analysis. I haven't heard of these guys before, but they just made their first predictions going into training camp.

Jason Cole's Rankings

1. San Diego Chargers
2. New England Patriots
3. Indianapolis Colts
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Chicago Bears
6. New Orleans Saints
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. Denver Broncos
10. Jacksonville Jaguars
11. New York Jets
12. Seattle Seahawks

Charles Robinson's Rankings

1. San Diego Chargers
2. New England Patriots
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Chicago Bears
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Denver Broncos
10. New York Jets
11. Jacksonville Jaguars
12. Philadelphia Eagles

We all know San Diego appears to be the best team, they have LT and Rivers doesn't appear to be half bad. They have also put together a solid defense. However, can they live up to the hype, stay away from injury, and follow under a new coach? It appears the only team that can beat the Chargers, will be... the Chargers.

Not too much difference in the actual rankings, but Robinson has Dallas at 8, while Cole ranks Dallas 13. How good Dallas will be, depends on how good Tony Romo can be.

One other difference I can see is where the Saints rank. Robinson has them at 3, Cole has them at 6. Doesn't appear to be that big of deal, but they are 3 important spots. By ranking them #3, Robinson is saying they are better than the Colts, Bears and Ravens. Was last year a fluke for the Saints? Is Brees really that good?

The last question on these rankings, would Atlanta be ranked in the top 12 if Michael Vick wasn't facing possible prison time?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michael Vick Could Face Prison

Michael Vick Image taken from NFL.Com. Is this the last time we will see him in the Atlanta uniform?
Michael Vick's toughest opponent yet may not be on the football field. It could be a jury deciding if he is guilty of dog fighting and animal cruelty. He won't be able to scramble out of that, or look for Alge Crumpler down field. He could and probably will be fined, but it is a low amount to a man with many dollars. The maximum six years in prison may be tougher to buy out of.

If dogs didn't perform well enough in the fights they were killed by electrocution, drowning, hanging, or by gunshot. Reading the reports on what they found is really just sick. Even if Michael Vick did not know what was going on, which I think he did, he should be punished anyways.

The dogfighting operation was named Bad Newz Kennels. They were trained and fought on Vicks own property in Virginia.

Not only does Vick have the possibility of prison on his mind, he could also be suspended just like Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Tank Johnson. Roger Goodell could view Vick as a repeat offender. We all remember his marijuana water bottle incident. Don't forget when he flipped off the stadium after losing.

I don't see the Falcons releasing Vick. Who are they going to play? Joey Harrington? More importantly is the money. If they release Vick they would take a salary cap hit of 6 million this year and 15 million next year.

What this means? Sounds like a suspension to me. I don't think there is much choice in this case.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Culpepper Gets His Wish, Released by the Dolphins

Duante Culpepper has finally gotten his wish and was released by the Miami Dolphins. All it took was a breach-of-contract grievance suit before Miami would release their former quarterback.

Culpepper, who serves as his own agent, now has the daunting task for trying to find a new team. "Now that I have won my freedom and I get to chose my next team, I am just like many other people who have to go out and find employment so that I can take care of my family."

What team will be interested in signing the 30 year old quarterback? Now the rumors start. I still think Culpepper has some gas left in the tank, or some cartilage left in his knees.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Top 25 Picks for Fantasy Football 2007

This is the third and final installment of Michael Fabiano's rankings posted on NFL.com. I've posted his top 5 by position for Offense and Defense. Today I am sharing the top 25 picks ranked by Michael Fabiano. It is too early for Fantasy Football N' Stuff to do their own rankings, so this is just a taste of what is to come.

Top 25 Fantasy Football Rankings

1. LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD
2. Steven Jackson RB STL
3. Larry Johnson RB KC
4. Frank Gore RB SF
5. Peyton Manning QB IND
6. Shaun Alexander RB SEA
7. Joseph Addai RB IND
8. Willie Parker RB PIT
9. Brian Westbrook RB PHI
10. Rudi Johnson RB CIN
11. Laurence Maroney RB NE
12. Reggie Bush RB NO
13. Travis Henry RB DEN
14. Willis McGahee RB BAL
15. Clinton Portis RB WAS
16. Ronnie Brown RB MIA
17. Steve Smith WR CAR
18. Drew Brees QB NO
19. Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAC
20. Deuce McAllister RB NO
21. Carson Palmer QB CIN
22. Edgerrin James RB ARI
23. Chad Johnson WR CIN
24. Cedric Benson RB CHI
25. Torry Holt WR STL

I think it is too early to buy the hype on some of these position players who didn't really prove themselves last year. I'd actually love to see Jones-Drew put a little higher due to his monster fantasy season last year.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings Kickers and Defense for 2007

This is part 2 of Michael Fabiano's fantasy football rankings. Yesterday I posted the top 5 rankings at QB,RB, WR, and TE. Today is the Kickers and Defense portion. Tomorrow I will do 25 of the top 100.


Nate Kaeding
Jeff Wilkins
Adam Vinatieri
Robbie Gould
Neil Rackers


San Diego
New England

These are only the kickers and the defense, but in some leagues it can be huge to a league. Last season when I drafted Baltimore in the 7th round (12 teams) I was really lucky. It was the 7th defense drafted, and they ended up scoring a huge amount of points. I won the league, and Baltimore Defense was my 2nd highest scorer.

Don't overlook the defense.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings for 2007

Michael Fabiano "NFL.com Fantasy Expert" has released his rank list for the off season so far. The list is by position so today I am going to share his top 5 in each position.


Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
Carson Palmer
Tom Brady
Marc Bulger

Running Backs

LaDainian Tomlinson
Steven Jackson
Larry Johnson
Frank Gore
Shaun Alexander

Wide Receivers

Steve Smith
Chad Johnson
Torry Holt
Marvin Harrison
Terrell Owens

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates
Tony Gonzalez
Todd Heap
Jeremy Shockey
Chris Cooley

Donovan McNabb may or may not be a steal as the 6th quarterback. Injury prone, yet he had such a huge first half last season I didn't care he got injured. He pretty much got me into the playoffs by himself, and before he went down for the season.

At running back, it is interesting how much Shaun Alexander has slipped, from first overall to 5th in his position. I didn't take the hype and draft him last year. I'd much rather take Frank Gore here as well.

Terrell Owens stock can only go up with Tony Romo as the QB. If he can keep his head on, I think Owens is in for a career season. Is he worth the risk? I'd take him over Boldin and Fitzgerald, you never know what you're getting.

Tomorrow I will post the kickers and defenses.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicago Bears Have Had It; Tank Johnson Released

Just two short weeks after Tank Johnson said "One day I want to be the face of the league for guys who have come through adversity, came through it and ultimately became the Man of the Year in the NFL. That would be a tremendous ending to the story." He finds himself in trouble again.

This time the problem is DUI. Police in Phoenix found Tank Johnson driving 40mph in a 25 mph zone. His official arrest was for "DUI Impaired to the Slightest Degree" and he was soon released.

I am happy to see Chicago step up and take action after the ridiculous suspension. After the charges and jail time, Tank should have to sit out the entire season, and I hope no one signs him until next year.

Friday, June 22, 2007

NFL Roundup June 22nd 2007

Adam "Pacman" Jones surrendered today to face charges in a strip club melee that preceded a triple shooting. He was released on $20,000 bail. It will be interesting to see if these problems lead to a full years suspension.

Brian Finneran will miss another season after injuring his knee in rehabilitation last month. Finneran had his second reconstructive surgery in two years. This doesn't sound good for the 31 year old receiver.

Rookie receiver Dwayne Jarrett was in a car accident on June 20th. Jarrett's car was rear-ended, and was said to be lucky after no serious injuries were found.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pacman Jones Drops Suspension Appeal

Adam "PacMan" Jones dropped his suspension appeal and will serve the one year suspension given by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Just as Tank Johnson has his "good behavior" deal, Pacman could have the suspension reduced to 10 games if he meets all the restrictions set.

If Pacman Jones misses the entire season, the suspension will cost him his entire salary of 1,292,500$. He will be missing out on a lot of strip clubs this upcoming season.

Keenan McCardell Wasn't Liked in San Diego

According to a story by CBS Sportsline's Pete Prisco, Cam Cameron didn't like McCardell.

I spent many a game, wondering why they weren't throwing the ball to McCardell. He reminds me of a great possession receiver. He plays like the Jerry Rices and Tim Browns of the game. It's third and 10, and these are the guys you throw the ball to. They know how to get open, they know how to catch the ball, hang on to it, and get the yards they need.

McCardell said "I bit my tongue. I've never really talked about it, but it was a bad situation. It was just a difference in philosophy with a coach. To be honest, I think it cost us a chance to go to the Super Bowl. It was our Super Bowl. That never should have happened."

I wouldn't go that far as to say not getting him the ball cost them the game they got spanked in, but I think the games they lost through out the season, may have been different if McCardell was involved.

Should Miami Dolphins receivers be worried? No, I think they have enough to worry about, like who is going to throw them the ball.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tank Johnson Given an Eight Game Suspension

Tank Johnson has finally been suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Frankly, he got lucky as hell! This is pretty ridiculous suspension compared to what Pacman Jones got. An entire season for 0 convictions, while Tank Johnson violated parol, associated with drug dealers etc, and had several unregistered guns.

Tank Johnson's suspension only includes the first 8 games of the regular season. He can participate in mini camp and preseason, and may even has his suspension cut to only 6 games on good behavior. Unless he really messes up, he will only serve a six game suspension.

The argument could be made that he has paid his dues, spending 45 days in jail. It will definitely be interesting what kind of suspension Goodell may give Vick for his off the field problems.

Johnson finished the day referring to the commissioner as "a fair man". After that decision, I would too if I were the tank. Tank Johnson also said

"One day I want to be the face of the league for guys who have come through adversity, came through it and ultimately became the Man of the Year in the NFL. That would be a tremendous ending to the story."
Good luck, I don't see that happening.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steve Smith Signs Contract Extension

Steve Smith is going to be a Carolina Panther for many years to come. Smith added three years to his contract.

Smith agreed to terms on a six year 44 million dollar extension, that includes 17 million in guaranteed money.

This contract extension comes right after the Panthers cut their #2 wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson to make room for the younger talent. Carolina had acquired several young WRs this offseason, and Johnson became expendable. He still remains a free agent.

Steve Smith now becomes one of the top five highest paid players at his position. He definitely plays as a top 5 caliber WR, he deserves to be paid accordingly.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Michael Vick Can't Stay Out of the News

The trading of Matt Schaub may be a mistake before the season even begins.

Michael Vick has had several ties to illegal activity in the past months. Starting with the "water bottle incident" and now ties to dog fighting.

It has been a little over a week now since the dog-fighting ring was found at Vick's property. He has said he has never even been to the home, and he has been letting his cousin stay there.

However, that statement has now come into question with a website that is promoting dog fighting in his name. Mike Vick K-9 Kennels said "Vick specializes in breeding registered puppies ranging from rare pit bull terriers to "the highly intelligent and powerful Presa Canario." It also contains a disclaimer that any of its dogs were used for fighting."

With PacMan Jones being suspended for one year without any actual convictions, it will be interesting what the NFL does to Vick after all of this.

Are the Falcons regretting the Matt Schaub trade already?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Michael Turner to remain a Charger for 2007-08 Season

It's official, AJ Smith has pulled Michael Turner off of the trade table. That's one thing I like about Smith, he doesn't mess around. He wants what he wants, and sticks by it, and then makes a decision. That's how many of the other NFL teams are going as well. Many have instituted rules where they will not discuss contracts during the season.

Michael Turner will be making over 2 million dollars this upcoming season to serve as Ladanian Tomlinson's back up. “Who can complain about making seven figures?” he said.

Turners duties will also include special teams returns as well as being LT's spell back. Hopefully the Chargers will be able to utilize both running backs this season.

Turner seemed happy after being allowed to finally speak. He will return to a super bowl contender for his final season as a Charger.

“My role hasn't changed since the first day I've been here,” he said. “When I get the opportunity, I'll play, and hopefully I'll play well. I'm just helping out the team the way I can. With us winning and it's working, how can I complain?”

“It was a win-win for me,” Turner said. “I don't have a problem being in San Diego.”

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Top 20 Picks

In case you didn't get to catch all of the draft I am going to give the top 2o picks. Some teams addressed their wants, while others addressed their needs. I'll let you decide.

1 Oakland Russell, JaMarcus QB Louisiana State
2 Detroit Johnson, Calvin WR Georgia Tech
3 Cleveland Thomas, Joe OT Wisconsin
4 Tampa Bay Adams, Gaines DE Clemson
5 Arizona Brown, Levi OT Penn State
6 Washington Landry, LaRon FS Louisiana State
7 Minnesota Peterson, Adrian RB Oklahoma
8 Atlanta Anderson, Jamaal DE Arkansas
9 Miami Ginn Jr., Ted WR Ohio State
10 Houston Okoye, Amobi DT Louisville
11 San Francisco Willis, Patrick ILB Mississippi
12 Buffalo Lynch, Marshawn RB California
13 St. Louis Carriker, Adam DE Nebraska
14 N.Y. Jets Revis, Darrelle CB Pittsburgh
15 Pittsburgh Timmons, Lawrence OLB Florida State
16 Green Bay Harrell, Justin DT Tennessee
17 Denver Moss, Jarvis DE Florida
18 Cincinnati Hall, Leon CB Michigan
19 Tennessee Griffin, Michael FS Texas
20 N.Y. Giants Ross, Aaron CB Texas

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Oakland Raiders Select Jamarcus Russell with the First Draft Pick

The long wait is over, the Oakland Raiders have finally selected Jamarcus Russell. Could this be someone who can actually get the ball to Randy Moss or will Moss be traded? With only one question actually answered for the Raiders, now many more come about. So many questions surround the Raiders, obvious why they finished last in the league last year.

There are also a lot of talk about trading picks for many teams, we'll see how that works out.

I will post the next first few draft picks as they happen.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dante Hall traded to the Rams

A trade that may just work for both teams, Dante Hall was traded to the St. Louis Rams for a fifth-round pick.

The Ram's special teams has been horrible. Last year they averaged on 7.8 yards per punt return, making them 27th in the league. On kick returns, they weren't much better, ranking 26th.

If Hall can return to his stellar performances of years past, St. Loius can be in for a steal, only giving up a 5th rounder. Hall only needs 4 more kickoff returns for TDs, to break Brian Mitchells record.

As the Ram's also have lost Curtis to free agency, Hall may be an asset as a 3rd or 4th wide receiver.

Hall still has a few seasons left in him, he's 28, plenty of time to turn around his last two disappointing seasons.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Michael Turner's Price Tag Still Two Draft Picks

If you are like me, you are craving NFL news. The hottest topic this month has been Michael Turner, who I wrote about before.

It's tough to say if he will be traded, there is no rush or need to. At least, for the Chargers. Six NFL teams are rumored to be in the market for Turner, two of which we know of. Tennessee and Buffalo haven't made it a secret they are in the market for Turner.

The pressure is now on them however with the NFL Draft Date getting close. April 28th is just around the corner, and any team wanting Turner will have to pay the price.

A.J Smith had this to say about trading Turner:

“It's still a 1 and a 3. I'm flexible. What I mean is that I recognize that a 1 and a 3 would paralyze a team's draft. So work with us.

“Six teams are still very interested. I can only tell you two, Buffalo and Tennessee, because they don't care if it's known. I'm sworn to secrecy on the others. They're trying to stay under the radar. A lot of people are scared to death to let it out. I'm amazed this is going on, but I told them I'd only verify if you come out. Teams love me because of that. I tell them I'd like to have a 1 and a 3 in '07 or '08. You guys decide what it's worth.”

Hard to say how much longer Turner will remain a Charger.

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