Friday, January 05, 2007

Pratt's Fearless Playoff Predictions!

It's playoff time! That means most of you don't have a fantasy football team to manage or your favorite team in the playoffs. Fear not my friends, there is still fun to be had. I'm sure there are plenty of office pools and online pools going around to help ease you out of your fantasy football habits.

To help ease my pain I've created my fearless playoff predictions! They are fearless because I will list my complete playoff predictions for you right now!

Wildcard Games
Kansas City def. Indianapolis
New England def. N.Y. Jets
Dallas def. Seattle
Philadelphia def. N.Y. Giants

Divisional Games
San Diego def. New England
Baltimore def. Kansas City
New Orleans def. Dallas
Philadelphia def. Chicago

Conference Games
San Diego def. Baltimore
New Orleans def. Philadelphia

Super Bowl XLI
San Diego
def. New Orleans 31-24


Anonymous said...

that situation isnt even possible. if KC wins, they play SD, not BAL, and PHI would play NO, not CHI, in the 2nd round. nice sleeper pick too. NE 37, NYJ 16 ha.

Pratt said...

Yeah I got excited and forgot to re-seed. My bad.