Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rex's Championship Pix

Well the championships are upon us and we have some very good matchups. The teams I'm picking are my 2 favorites.

Saints < Bears
Patriots < Colts

Now I know the Pats - Colts game is a gutsy call, but still I like my pick. The Colts have a better pass defense and the Patriots' primary offensive attack is the pass. But they can mix you up and run beween 45 and 60 times a game. The Bears have the Saints locked up. I've been hearing rumors that Bernard Berrian, Cedric Benson, Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester have been sneaking down to Solider Field to drown the playing surface. The rumor is that they have been turning on the sprinkler system under the tarp, so the Saints will have to try and play in at least a foot of standing water.

But hey! Those are only rumors.


Pratt said...

That's a pretty crazy rumor Rex. I could see them sabotaging the field though.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I heared on the radio!