Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fantasy Baseball

I mentioned starting up a fantasy baseball league. Well with very few response to none, I decided to join a few.

The one I will probably be most active is the league My Opinion on Sports is hosting.

"Right now the league is set for 12 teams so don’t wait to sign-up or you might get left out.

Follow this link. Click the "Sign Up Now" button, Agree to terms, Click the "Join League" button, Click on “Join Custom” button and then enter the league ID# :130082 and Password: dolphinfan"

If anyone else is running a league they want me to mention or join let me know.

NBA All-Star Weekend Beats the SuperBowl

I read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune the other day that I wanted to share:

"Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star took in the NBA's All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas, and this is his (printable) report:
'"All-Star Weekend has one huge advantage over the Super Bowl, the other sporting event that sparks major partying. This weekend is just as much - if not more - a women's event as a man's. This is probably a byproduct of the basketball game being a complete afterthought...
David Stern could cancel the game, and the event wouldn't suffer at all. Women would still show p by the truckload hoping to dance with Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, LeBron James and anyone else taller than 6 feet 4.
A typical Super Bowl party will have 10 men for every woman. All-Star Weekend parties are split pretty much right down the middle...
Again, we're talking about The Perfect Storm of ghettofabulousness - booze, babes, gambling, celebrities, a dunk contest and no such thing as last call.'"

Nutrional Supplement

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Football News Coolin' Down

With the recent craze of the Chargers hiring and firing, football news has been pretty calm and should continue to.

The only news to report for now is the few players who have been named as franchise tag players as well as a few deals getting done. Check out some headlines:

Chargers re-sign LB Phillips to six-year deal
Ahman Green will test Free Agency
Ravens sign coach Billick to four-year contract
Jets release Barlow
Lions put franchise tag on DT Redding
Colts Franchise Freeney
Peyton redoes deal and saves Colts cap room

The sport heat should be on NBA right now though with the trade deadline approaching. Check out some great NBA trade rumors and hype over at My Opinion on Sports.

What is even more fascinating to me, is Scottie Pippen trying to make a comeback! Good luck!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Diego Chargers and Norv Turner

If you read the San Diego Union Tribune this morning, you would understand how unhappy the fans are of the recent new head coach signing.

Many recognize how good of an offensive coordinator Norv Turner is, but don't see his head coach potential. Someone asked me what I thought of the recent signing and I don't think he is there to coach. He seems to be just a puppet to me. I am weary about the four year deal though but I am sure he won't serve the full term. Again, I think Aj Smith is going to be pulling a lot of the weight. If Turner doesn't fall in line, he will soon too, be gone.

I am glad to see Ron Rivera there, but I see that definitely as a short time role, more like a stepping stone. It is very odd that the Chicago Bears decided not to retain him. I do of course, expect the Chargers defense to do well, and getting Rivera as a linebackers coach should definitely prove to be a plus this next season. It should also serve as a plus for Rivera, as he should project back to a defensive coordinator or head coach in the following season.

Do you think Norv Turner is right for the job?

I personally think Marty was the right fit, but with Smith calling the shots, nobody is safe, and nobody is perfect.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chargers Coaching Chaos Continues

With the interviews going quick, fast and painless more coaches are being brought in for interviews. Dean Spanos hopes to find a new head coach by midweek. The Chargers want to be a winner, and are bringing in winners. Ron Rivera may be an early favorite to be the next head coach. He is the candidate who came closes to a super bowl victory this season with the Bears.

The good thing about the coaching hunt is there are still many people left who are looking to be a head coach in the NFL, especially for the San Diego Chargers.

One name thrown out of the hat of possibilities is USC head coach Pete Carroll. He apparently was never contacted by the Chargers. This is the last obvious move with Carroll to assure he will remain a Trojan for the rest of his coaching career.

The next Chargers head coach is to keep the same running offense and defense, what a smooth job. Can the Chargers find the right coach?

By keeping everything apparently the "same" but the head coach, will they then be super bowl bound? It's easier to say no to that question than yes, and that's exactly what I'm saying, no.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Chargers, Still Dysfunctional

Being from San Diego, I've got all the news all of the time.

I read a great article on this from My Opinion on Sports so I won't bore you much with mine.

The key point that the newspapers etc don't seem to focus on is the real reason I think Schottenheimer was fired, and that was the formation of a new staff. He had added his brother to the list of possible replacements for a coordinator.

The Chargers have yet to really overcome the obstacles they faced. The defense sucked, and they made it better, with still nothing to show. Their star QB left, and was replaced by a promising young star, and still nothing. Now with their team in turmoil and literally no coaching staff, I find it very doubtful they are super bowl bound as many seem to think.

One thing I do know, is that LT is a first round first pick now in every fantasy league, and I think he will be even more valuable next season

Monday, February 12, 2007

Opting out of the Pro Bowl

I've never understood why a player would want to opt out, unless there was a really serious injury. Take Peyton Manning for example, he only played the first two series and not again.

The money isn't bad either, 20,000 just to make it and 40,000$ to win.

Now with football officially over we shouldn't have too many updates about the NFL until the draft. Now we can only speculate who Oakland will take.

With baseball right around the corner, it is possible I will make a fantasy baseball league if anyone is interested. I usually only play in one, but I will make my own for anyone who wants to play. I will do it on Yahoo! if anyone is interested.

Leave me a comment if you want to play.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sponsored Post- Swimsuit Edition

I figure our readers would appreciate this information so I thought I'd share it. I would like to bring to your attention the 43rd annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is going to be released on February 14th. Move over Valentines Day!

Aside from getting the issue and the pictures, SI is now giving you a way to have this all on your phone, all you need to do is go to SI Mobile. The images will come straight from the photo shoots that are featured in the magazine. The images are only 1.99$ each and should be available to all major wireless carriers.

Over 50 super models will be featured on the site, such as Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, and Ana Beatriz Barros. You can also get classic Sports Illustrated models like Elle Macpherson and Kathy Ireland. You don't have to wait for the issue to come out for you to get these for your cell phone!

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue seems to grow every year. The models seem to be bigger stars and the amount purchased grows. For many, it is an anticipated release. Now for those of you who enjoy this particular issue can enjoy it even more now.

Congratulations to SI and their 43rd issue.

Brees Dislocates Arm

I don't have a report on the Pro Bowl yet, but looking through the sports section on Yahoo, I found:
Saints QB Brees dislocates elbow in Pro Bowl

Luckily Brees didn't break any bones, but was removed from the game, and probably would of been anyways.

To read the short article click here

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Brace yourself, Its the Superbowl!

The superbowl is coming up, with huge anticipation. The Colts appear to the favorites if your betting with the spread. It will appear to be a high scoring game, but when you think that it doesn't happen. Manning has been shaky at best when it comes to playoff games. Imagine him on Superbowl Sunday!

On the other side, reporters have been asking how much would it take for Rex Grossman to get pulled out of the game in favor of Brian Griese. I find that to be a little extreme, even with considering his recent track record.

The Colts vs Da Bears is not my ideal superbowl, and with fantasy football out of season, I doubt I will catch much of this game. Although I will miss the yearly pools where you bet on the score etc that I used to be involved in.

I should take a picture of the new 46 inch tv my mom bought lol. Superbowl party at her house!

Enjoy the game. Whos your pick?

The Colts pull this one out 24-20 (just throwing out a score)