Thursday, February 01, 2007

Brace yourself, Its the Superbowl!

The superbowl is coming up, with huge anticipation. The Colts appear to the favorites if your betting with the spread. It will appear to be a high scoring game, but when you think that it doesn't happen. Manning has been shaky at best when it comes to playoff games. Imagine him on Superbowl Sunday!

On the other side, reporters have been asking how much would it take for Rex Grossman to get pulled out of the game in favor of Brian Griese. I find that to be a little extreme, even with considering his recent track record.

The Colts vs Da Bears is not my ideal superbowl, and with fantasy football out of season, I doubt I will catch much of this game. Although I will miss the yearly pools where you bet on the score etc that I used to be involved in.

I should take a picture of the new 46 inch tv my mom bought lol. Superbowl party at her house!

Enjoy the game. Whos your pick?

The Colts pull this one out 24-20 (just throwing out a score)


Anonymous said...

I think this is a very ideal Superbowl. Out of all the playoff contenders, this pair up is probably the best. Top NFC defense versus top AFC offense. Redemption time for two QBs. Opportunity to prove that calm, steady, optimistic coaching styles can win the big one. Who would you have preferred?

Matthew said...

It may be a nice match on paper, but I dont know. The colts arent as dynamic as they once were on offense... with the 7 point favorites the bears will easily win in my oponion.

Definitely a time to shine, when is it not? The superbowl is that very definition.

I would of preferred the Saints over the Chargers. Something like 30 to 12 lol. Show how much better a QB Brees really is.

GREAT comment, thank you!

Matthew said...

I mean the bears should easily beat the 7 point spread.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the odds-makes know best again. I was taking Bears to cover the spread, but not to win...
Very sloppy game in the beginning of course, but I loved the way the Colts came back, established dominance in the running game, and never looked back.
A Chargers vs Saints Superbowl could habeen good too. It would probably have been something like 38 - 34 or something!