Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Chargers, Still Dysfunctional

Being from San Diego, I've got all the news all of the time.

I read a great article on this from My Opinion on Sports so I won't bore you much with mine.

The key point that the newspapers etc don't seem to focus on is the real reason I think Schottenheimer was fired, and that was the formation of a new staff. He had added his brother to the list of possible replacements for a coordinator.

The Chargers have yet to really overcome the obstacles they faced. The defense sucked, and they made it better, with still nothing to show. Their star QB left, and was replaced by a promising young star, and still nothing. Now with their team in turmoil and literally no coaching staff, I find it very doubtful they are super bowl bound as many seem to think.

One thing I do know, is that LT is a first round first pick now in every fantasy league, and I think he will be even more valuable next season