Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Diego Chargers and Norv Turner

If you read the San Diego Union Tribune this morning, you would understand how unhappy the fans are of the recent new head coach signing.

Many recognize how good of an offensive coordinator Norv Turner is, but don't see his head coach potential. Someone asked me what I thought of the recent signing and I don't think he is there to coach. He seems to be just a puppet to me. I am weary about the four year deal though but I am sure he won't serve the full term. Again, I think Aj Smith is going to be pulling a lot of the weight. If Turner doesn't fall in line, he will soon too, be gone.

I am glad to see Ron Rivera there, but I see that definitely as a short time role, more like a stepping stone. It is very odd that the Chicago Bears decided not to retain him. I do of course, expect the Chargers defense to do well, and getting Rivera as a linebackers coach should definitely prove to be a plus this next season. It should also serve as a plus for Rivera, as he should project back to a defensive coordinator or head coach in the following season.

Do you think Norv Turner is right for the job?

I personally think Marty was the right fit, but with Smith calling the shots, nobody is safe, and nobody is perfect.