Saturday, March 03, 2007

Early Super Bowl Picks, Vegas Style

Some family went to Las Vegas over the past weekend, and of course wasted their money. Not on the slots or anything like that, but by placing bets that the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl next year.

Green Bay is currently paying out 175$ if you place a 5$ bet that they will win the super bowl. If you bet they will win the NFC championship, a 5$ bet will get you 75$ dollars.

Not all of the money went to waste though, as they did bet on the Chargers to win. A 10$ bet will cash out at 60$.

I figured I may as well waste their money too. If you are gonna bet this early, you might as well go for a long shot. My first thought was my San Francisco 49ers, but that would just be like throwing away 5$, similar to betting on the Packers. After a few seconds, I decided to place my 5$ bet with the Tennessee Titans. If they win the Super Bowl on my 5$ bet, I will receive 125$.

You have to figure the Tennessee Titans are the most favored long shot. Not only did they get their season together at the end of last year, but they will have an estimated 36 million dollars to spend this off season, under the cap. If they can assemble the right team, they can definitely make a run behind quarter back Vince Young.

Who are you putting your 5 bucks on?