Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Agency Begins

The first few days of free agency have been brutal. Over the next few posts I will try to catch up with all of the news.

Drew Bledsoe was released by the Dallas Cowboys with the invitation to come back. His salary should be significantly less as he will be slotted for the backup quarter back position.

Another veteran was cut by the New Orleans Saints, Joe Horn. When he was first cut it was reported he could come back, but that looks unlikely now as Horn said he felt like he didn't fit in the Saints plans. As the Saints proved last year, they have many young WR's that can get the job done.

Speaking of wide receiver cuts, the San Francisco parted ways with Antonio Bryant, the year after giving him a nice 4 year contract. McCardell was also cut by the San Diego Chargers. The veteran receiver just wasn't a major part of the offense. His high salary would of been a waste as he would most likely fit in as the 2nd or 3rd receiver in the San Diego offense. He still has a few more years to be able to make an impact for a team.

Joining the long list of cut veterans are Joey Porter, Corey Dillon, and Brandon Stokley. Pittsburgh must of felt Porter wasn't worth his due 1 million bonus, and 4 million salary next season. The Corey Dillon release adds huge value to Maroney's stock next season, especially for fantasy football. Corey Dillon looks like he can fit into a teams rbbc, and possibly emerge as the main back. Brandon Stokley was just injured too much last year to hold any value, and collect his bonus.

It's not all bad however, many players actually resigned with their respected teams.

Bryant Young resigned with the 49ers, probably for the last time as he is getting up there in age. He is the last player of the 49ers Super Bowl victory a decade ago.

Fred Taylor, finally making it through a season, resigned with the Jags. It's a nice dynamic between Taylor and Jones-Drew that will be intact for the next few years.

Lorenzo Neal, the best fullback in the game today, resigned with the Chargers, making him the highest paid at his position. I know it, LT knows it, and the Chargers know it. The running game just wouldn't be the same without Neal leading the way. Much deserved pay raise.

In a move that just makes me embarrassed to be a 49er fan, they signed Nate Clements to an 8 year deal for 80 million. Being one of the most desired players in free agency, isn't saying much. His deal is ridiculous. He had a total of 3 interceptions last year and under 75 total tackles.

In the last pieces of news for now, London Fletcher signed a 5 year 25 mil contract with the Washington Redskins, and Najeh Davenport resigned with the Steelers, apparently pleased to share time with Willie Parker.


LJ said...

It is a chore to keep up with all the signings. Nice rundown.