Thursday, March 15, 2007

Joe Horn- A Perfect Fit in ATL

The Atlanta Falcons signing of Joe Horn has been surprisingly quiet. There was about a half of a day report and thats it.

That shocked me, when there is tons of articles on players that I haven't heard of, or useless lineman that are overpaid and can't play their position.

Joe Horn has proven he can play. He is a proven receiver with energy and seemingly, heart.

I believe Joe Horn is a perfect fit in Atlanta. When he was signed there I wasn't too sure.

However then I thought...

Michael Vick has PROVEN he CAN throw.

Norwood and Dunn CAN run, and they make a great combo.

We all know Alge Crumpler is as good as most receivers, he's PROVEN he CAN catch.

So what has been the hold-up on the Falcons?

Easy answer, the receivers. The dropped balls, the questionable plays, seem to point to the receiving core. Even though Horn is aging, he still can catch and I think he will find fit with the Atlanta new offense.

I'm rooting for Joe Horn, how about you?