Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Schaub in, Carr out

A little late to report, but I'd still like to write about it.

Trading for Matt Schaub seems to have made sense for all parties involved.

Atlanta gets to move forward with Vick, and some extra draft picks. I really am liking Atlanta's chances for next year. They haven't really lost anyone, and they gained a good receiver in Joe Horn. Plus this is a make it or break it year with Vick. They are giving him more control over the offense. If he blows it now, basically, he isn't as good as he is supposed to be.

This is also good news for the Texans. They don't have to waste another first round draft pick on a quarterback, and they got someone who is already ready to play. Carr will find somewhere to be the backup on, maybe start again after an injury.

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