Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Michael Turner; Staying in San Diego?

Michael Turner can be a commodity this season. That is, if the Chargers can part with the prized reserve Running Back. The current price tag on Turner is a first and third round draft pick. For Turner however, that's not as hefty of a price as it seems. Especially for those teams who have two third round choices, or can afford to give one up for next years draft.

A trade is "more likely" but I doubt any team will be able to work out a deal with Turner and entice A.J Smith to part with him. Since Turner will be a free agent next year if he isn't traded, it looks to me teams will just wait for a bidding war next season.

The Tennessee Titans visited with Turner and have shown interest. Their #1 running back is Lendale White after losing Travis Henry. White is more of a situational or complimentary back, not an every down player. He was used perfectly at USC, Turner would fit in well with White.

Other teams rumored to be interested in Turner are Buffalo, Dallas and New York Jets. I don't see Dallas or the Jets really making a serious offer for Turner with their current Running Back situations.


LJ said...

Word is that the Chargers may be willing to part with Turner for less than a first round pick if it still gets them another first day pick.