Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steve Smith Signs Contract Extension

Steve Smith is going to be a Carolina Panther for many years to come. Smith added three years to his contract.

Smith agreed to terms on a six year 44 million dollar extension, that includes 17 million in guaranteed money.

This contract extension comes right after the Panthers cut their #2 wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson to make room for the younger talent. Carolina had acquired several young WRs this offseason, and Johnson became expendable. He still remains a free agent.

Steve Smith now becomes one of the top five highest paid players at his position. He definitely plays as a top 5 caliber WR, he deserves to be paid accordingly.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Michael Vick Can't Stay Out of the News

The trading of Matt Schaub may be a mistake before the season even begins.

Michael Vick has had several ties to illegal activity in the past months. Starting with the "water bottle incident" and now ties to dog fighting.

It has been a little over a week now since the dog-fighting ring was found at Vick's property. He has said he has never even been to the home, and he has been letting his cousin stay there.

However, that statement has now come into question with a website that is promoting dog fighting in his name. Mike Vick K-9 Kennels said "Vick specializes in breeding registered puppies ranging from rare pit bull terriers to "the highly intelligent and powerful Presa Canario." It also contains a disclaimer that any of its dogs were used for fighting."

With PacMan Jones being suspended for one year without any actual convictions, it will be interesting what the NFL does to Vick after all of this.

Are the Falcons regretting the Matt Schaub trade already?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Michael Turner to remain a Charger for 2007-08 Season

It's official, AJ Smith has pulled Michael Turner off of the trade table. That's one thing I like about Smith, he doesn't mess around. He wants what he wants, and sticks by it, and then makes a decision. That's how many of the other NFL teams are going as well. Many have instituted rules where they will not discuss contracts during the season.

Michael Turner will be making over 2 million dollars this upcoming season to serve as Ladanian Tomlinson's back up. “Who can complain about making seven figures?” he said.

Turners duties will also include special teams returns as well as being LT's spell back. Hopefully the Chargers will be able to utilize both running backs this season.

Turner seemed happy after being allowed to finally speak. He will return to a super bowl contender for his final season as a Charger.

“My role hasn't changed since the first day I've been here,” he said. “When I get the opportunity, I'll play, and hopefully I'll play well. I'm just helping out the team the way I can. With us winning and it's working, how can I complain?”

“It was a win-win for me,” Turner said. “I don't have a problem being in San Diego.”

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