Friday, July 27, 2007

More NFL Rookie Draft Picks Sign

Why it takes 2 months for a player to sign coming out of the draft confuses me. They want more money, give them more money. You want to sign them for less money, sign them for less money. I just can't imagine a 2 month negotiation.

First-round draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins. Ginn, the second receiver picked, was chosen 9th overall. With this signing, Miami now has all their picks under contract.

Running back Chris Henry agreed to terms on a four-year deal with the Tennessee Titans, leaving only top draft pick Michael Griffin as their only unsigned draft pick. Henry should compete with Chris Brown and Lendale White for the starting position.

The Houston Texans have agreed to contract terms with defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, the youngest player ever selected in the modern-era draft, and the 10th player chosen overall in this year's NFL draft. He will sign a 6 year contract worth a 17.7 million.

Joe Thomas agreed to $42.5M deal for 5 years. The Cleveland Browns drafted Thomas 3rd overall. With cornerback Eric Wright also signing, that leaves just Brady Quinn as the only unsigned draft pick.

Michael Strahan is Considering Retirement

After several seasons cut short to injury, we may have seen the last of Michael Strahan on the football field. Starahan failed to report to training camp today.

Strahan may be seeking more money, or a new deal, but I don't think the Giants will commit anymore money to the aging sack wonder.

"Obviously I am disappointed that he is not here," said Coach Tom Coughlin, "He is a very important part of our team as we have talked all along. We are just going to have to wait for more information."

We do not know why he is considering retirement, it is all speculation at this point. Strahan wasn't available to comment.

Reports are saying the Giants may consider moving second-year pro Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end. He was moved to strongside linebacker in April to try to get him more playing time.

Marc Bulger agrees to contract extension

Marc Bulger ended his short 1 day holdout, and signed a six-year contract extension. Bulger was a no-show for a mandatory team meeting on July 26th. He was threatening to hold out for the season, however they got a deal done.

The St. Louis Rams agreed to sign him for 65 million making him the highest-paid player in franchise history. Bulger must be glowing, because 27 million of that is guaranteed money. Bulger's old salary had him at about 4 million.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free Sporting News Magazine

I have personally signed up to get 50 free issues of The Sporting News Magazine. I wanted to allow our readers to get the same offer. If you go to Free Biz Mag and fill out some information about yourself, and your "occupation" you will receive the free magazine subscription.

"No credit card required and you will never be billed."

I used to subscribe to this magazine years ago, but stopped. I don't think it is quite as good as the ESPN and Sports Illustrated mags, but it does give a good read. Especially with fantasy football coming up, they will start doing their draft rankings. If you sign up now, you should get it in time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NFL Rankings: The top 12 teams

Every Tuesday during the regular season, Yahoo! Sports NFL writers Jason Cole and Charles Robinson rank every team and provide some analysis. I haven't heard of these guys before, but they just made their first predictions going into training camp.

Jason Cole's Rankings

1. San Diego Chargers
2. New England Patriots
3. Indianapolis Colts
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Chicago Bears
6. New Orleans Saints
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. Denver Broncos
10. Jacksonville Jaguars
11. New York Jets
12. Seattle Seahawks

Charles Robinson's Rankings

1. San Diego Chargers
2. New England Patriots
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Chicago Bears
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Denver Broncos
10. New York Jets
11. Jacksonville Jaguars
12. Philadelphia Eagles

We all know San Diego appears to be the best team, they have LT and Rivers doesn't appear to be half bad. They have also put together a solid defense. However, can they live up to the hype, stay away from injury, and follow under a new coach? It appears the only team that can beat the Chargers, will be... the Chargers.

Not too much difference in the actual rankings, but Robinson has Dallas at 8, while Cole ranks Dallas 13. How good Dallas will be, depends on how good Tony Romo can be.

One other difference I can see is where the Saints rank. Robinson has them at 3, Cole has them at 6. Doesn't appear to be that big of deal, but they are 3 important spots. By ranking them #3, Robinson is saying they are better than the Colts, Bears and Ravens. Was last year a fluke for the Saints? Is Brees really that good?

The last question on these rankings, would Atlanta be ranked in the top 12 if Michael Vick wasn't facing possible prison time?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michael Vick Could Face Prison

Michael Vick Image taken from NFL.Com. Is this the last time we will see him in the Atlanta uniform?
Michael Vick's toughest opponent yet may not be on the football field. It could be a jury deciding if he is guilty of dog fighting and animal cruelty. He won't be able to scramble out of that, or look for Alge Crumpler down field. He could and probably will be fined, but it is a low amount to a man with many dollars. The maximum six years in prison may be tougher to buy out of.

If dogs didn't perform well enough in the fights they were killed by electrocution, drowning, hanging, or by gunshot. Reading the reports on what they found is really just sick. Even if Michael Vick did not know what was going on, which I think he did, he should be punished anyways.

The dogfighting operation was named Bad Newz Kennels. They were trained and fought on Vicks own property in Virginia.

Not only does Vick have the possibility of prison on his mind, he could also be suspended just like Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Tank Johnson. Roger Goodell could view Vick as a repeat offender. We all remember his marijuana water bottle incident. Don't forget when he flipped off the stadium after losing.

I don't see the Falcons releasing Vick. Who are they going to play? Joey Harrington? More importantly is the money. If they release Vick they would take a salary cap hit of 6 million this year and 15 million next year.

What this means? Sounds like a suspension to me. I don't think there is much choice in this case.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Culpepper Gets His Wish, Released by the Dolphins

Duante Culpepper has finally gotten his wish and was released by the Miami Dolphins. All it took was a breach-of-contract grievance suit before Miami would release their former quarterback.

Culpepper, who serves as his own agent, now has the daunting task for trying to find a new team. "Now that I have won my freedom and I get to chose my next team, I am just like many other people who have to go out and find employment so that I can take care of my family."

What team will be interested in signing the 30 year old quarterback? Now the rumors start. I still think Culpepper has some gas left in the tank, or some cartilage left in his knees.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Top 25 Picks for Fantasy Football 2007

This is the third and final installment of Michael Fabiano's rankings posted on I've posted his top 5 by position for Offense and Defense. Today I am sharing the top 25 picks ranked by Michael Fabiano. It is too early for Fantasy Football N' Stuff to do their own rankings, so this is just a taste of what is to come.

Top 25 Fantasy Football Rankings

1. LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD
2. Steven Jackson RB STL
3. Larry Johnson RB KC
4. Frank Gore RB SF
5. Peyton Manning QB IND
6. Shaun Alexander RB SEA
7. Joseph Addai RB IND
8. Willie Parker RB PIT
9. Brian Westbrook RB PHI
10. Rudi Johnson RB CIN
11. Laurence Maroney RB NE
12. Reggie Bush RB NO
13. Travis Henry RB DEN
14. Willis McGahee RB BAL
15. Clinton Portis RB WAS
16. Ronnie Brown RB MIA
17. Steve Smith WR CAR
18. Drew Brees QB NO
19. Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAC
20. Deuce McAllister RB NO
21. Carson Palmer QB CIN
22. Edgerrin James RB ARI
23. Chad Johnson WR CIN
24. Cedric Benson RB CHI
25. Torry Holt WR STL

I think it is too early to buy the hype on some of these position players who didn't really prove themselves last year. I'd actually love to see Jones-Drew put a little higher due to his monster fantasy season last year.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings Kickers and Defense for 2007

This is part 2 of Michael Fabiano's fantasy football rankings. Yesterday I posted the top 5 rankings at QB,RB, WR, and TE. Today is the Kickers and Defense portion. Tomorrow I will do 25 of the top 100.


Nate Kaeding
Jeff Wilkins
Adam Vinatieri
Robbie Gould
Neil Rackers


San Diego
New England

These are only the kickers and the defense, but in some leagues it can be huge to a league. Last season when I drafted Baltimore in the 7th round (12 teams) I was really lucky. It was the 7th defense drafted, and they ended up scoring a huge amount of points. I won the league, and Baltimore Defense was my 2nd highest scorer.

Don't overlook the defense.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings for 2007

Michael Fabiano " Fantasy Expert" has released his rank list for the off season so far. The list is by position so today I am going to share his top 5 in each position.


Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
Carson Palmer
Tom Brady
Marc Bulger

Running Backs

LaDainian Tomlinson
Steven Jackson
Larry Johnson
Frank Gore
Shaun Alexander

Wide Receivers

Steve Smith
Chad Johnson
Torry Holt
Marvin Harrison
Terrell Owens

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates
Tony Gonzalez
Todd Heap
Jeremy Shockey
Chris Cooley

Donovan McNabb may or may not be a steal as the 6th quarterback. Injury prone, yet he had such a huge first half last season I didn't care he got injured. He pretty much got me into the playoffs by himself, and before he went down for the season.

At running back, it is interesting how much Shaun Alexander has slipped, from first overall to 5th in his position. I didn't take the hype and draft him last year. I'd much rather take Frank Gore here as well.

Terrell Owens stock can only go up with Tony Romo as the QB. If he can keep his head on, I think Owens is in for a career season. Is he worth the risk? I'd take him over Boldin and Fitzgerald, you never know what you're getting.

Tomorrow I will post the kickers and defenses.