Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michael Vick Could Face Prison

Michael Vick Image taken from NFL.Com. Is this the last time we will see him in the Atlanta uniform?
Michael Vick's toughest opponent yet may not be on the football field. It could be a jury deciding if he is guilty of dog fighting and animal cruelty. He won't be able to scramble out of that, or look for Alge Crumpler down field. He could and probably will be fined, but it is a low amount to a man with many dollars. The maximum six years in prison may be tougher to buy out of.

If dogs didn't perform well enough in the fights they were killed by electrocution, drowning, hanging, or by gunshot. Reading the reports on what they found is really just sick. Even if Michael Vick did not know what was going on, which I think he did, he should be punished anyways.

The dogfighting operation was named Bad Newz Kennels. They were trained and fought on Vicks own property in Virginia.

Not only does Vick have the possibility of prison on his mind, he could also be suspended just like Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Tank Johnson. Roger Goodell could view Vick as a repeat offender. We all remember his marijuana water bottle incident. Don't forget when he flipped off the stadium after losing.

I don't see the Falcons releasing Vick. Who are they going to play? Joey Harrington? More importantly is the money. If they release Vick they would take a salary cap hit of 6 million this year and 15 million next year.

What this means? Sounds like a suspension to me. I don't think there is much choice in this case.


Unknown said...

No he shouldn't face prison. He should be locked in a room with a Pitbull for being associated with this during what's supposed to be the prime of his career.

Matthew said...

a hungry pitbull... that will teach him :)

Anonymous said...

He should face prison time along with anyone else that was involved in this horrid act. For the highest paid athlete in NFL, he needs to live his life to that high standard of being called a "role model". He has not done that at all. I just found a site that says it all.

fantasygirl said...

Whatever the punishment M. Vick receives, it won't be as severe as it should be.

The pitbulls have more class than this Vick guy and his merry band of homeys do...Watch, there will be losers that support him and embrace him, just because he is a social deviant WITH money. They will use him until he has nothing left, just like one of his pitbulls that lost a match. Hopefully, he get the same burial.