Friday, August 31, 2007

NFL News for August 31st

I was out of the house all day, and I come back to tons of football news!

First off, a nice break for the Giants, Michael Strahan is reporting to camp. Maybe he just wanted to skip camp? Was he ever really going to retire?

Huge news out of Jacksonville (now I sound like the announcer from Madden), Byron Leftwich has become the odd man out. David Gerrard was announced the starting quarterback. Coach Jack Del Rio said the team will likely trade or release Leftwich. If you have Leftwich on your fantasy team for some reason, he has zero value at this point. DROP Leftwich.

Injured veteran receiver Keenan McCardell was cut by the Houston Texans. The emergence of third-round pick Jacoby Jones, leaves McCardell without a job. The Texans also released running back Wali Lundy, who was on several sleeper lists last year except for mine. With Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, and Samkon Gado in the mix there is no room for Lundy.

The Oakland Raiders are keeping their starting quarterback a secret to try to give them an edge against the Lions. It's pretty hard to tell who they will chose, both had decent preseasons. I'd go with Culpepper, see what he can do.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Potential Fantasy Football Busts for 2007

I've covered my fantasy football sleepers. When trying to make up my fantasy football busts, I found it a little bit harder, until I got in the spirit!

Eli Manning

Manning has huge bust potential and I really wanted to stay away from him this year, I had him last season. All talk about Eli has been negative, and he really just doesn't have the weapons he did. Burress has been injured off and on, and Tiki Barber isn't there to carry the load.

Donovan McNabb

The only thing that makes him a possible bust is his injury factor. Even though he was injured last season, he basically sent me to the playoffs himself. However, he wasn't there to win the championship for me. However, if he gets injured earlier this season, he can be a great loss for you.

Laurence Maroney

As TFFG said "It's time for Maroney to put up or shut up". He is going to be the featured back and see what he can do. He showed great "flashes" of brilliance, but at other times he really lacked. I drafted him as the 13th overall pick in my last draft, and I hope he shakes off his bust status.

Fred Taylor

"ESPN Guru's" had Fred Taylor ranked the 5th overall running back in early preseason. Anything really early for Taylor can definitely consider him a bust. Drafting him too early, you won't be able to get good value for him.

Randy Moss

Some people are considering Moss as a SLEEPER, which is very unlikely. Basically with his ability and potential he really is only a sleeper or bust. Randy Moss, just due to his talent, is still a top 20 wide receiver, but he can get lost in the system in New England. He will still get his looks, but he won't be a featured premier receiver. When that happens, should we expect to hear complaints?

Braylon Edwards

Edwards is a great wide receiver, but because he is a Cleveland Brown, he is very inconsistent. Last season I never knew when to play him. Between Winslow and Jurevicious taking his catches and the turnovers, there is even fewer balls to catch.

Jeremy Shockey

This goes for all Giants receivers, be careful. I definitely don't think Shockey will be putting up top 5 TE numbers. There are plenty more consistent TE's to take this season.

Do you have a bust list? Let us know who you think is going to under perform this year.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lance Briggs and His Crashed Lamborghini

Lance Briggs 350,000$ 2007 Lamborghini was found crashed and heavily damaged. No one was in the car and no indication of injury.

The Chicago Bears linebacker is supposed to meet with police today. The car was not reported stolen. However, no one knows if he was in fact driving the car at the time.

I don't know about him, but I wouldn't just loan my expensive Lamborghini out to just anyone.

"Police said it doesn't appear that anyone was injured in the crash. Whoever was behind the wheel of the luxury Italian sports car could face misdemeanor charges for improper lane usage and leaving the scene of the accident, St. Clair said." Nfl.Com

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers

Today I am giving you my wide receiver sleepers. I have already listed my quarterback sleepers and my running back sleepers.

Vincent Jackson

So many people are calling him a sleeper, you have to be careful drafting him. If you reach for him he can lose his "sleeper status". You also have to remember the Chargers haven't had a feature receiver since maybe Tony Martin in the 90's. You may be saying "who?", exactly! Don't put too much stock into Jackson.

Joe Horn

Since no one really wants to touch anyone Falcon related you may be able to get value out of Horn. I think Horn can show he still has something and Atlanta is lucky to have him.

New Orleans Receivers

I think you will be safe taking any Saints receivers. Obviously Colston isn't a sleeper anymore, but Devery Henderson and Terrance Copper are also options as 2nd, 3rd and 4th receivers for your team.

Other mentions for wide receiver sleepers (not from me) are Ronald Curry and of course Moss. Good luck with those!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Play Fantasy Football at

Many people have already begin to draft for their fantasy football season. If you are still undecided about where to play you might want to take a look at Fantasy Football Commissioner.

It is a pay to play league starting at 49.95 to create your own league. The fantasy football league manager gives you full control of your league, nearly everything is possible. They have very unique services that give you very extreme flexibility. Basically, you can make fantasy football your own thing. Change it, tweak it, play it.

A really unique feature that they offer is the same players on different teams. For example, a league may want each conference to allow teams to have the same player, but that player can only be on one team in each conference. So if there is 4 conferences, there can be 4 Peyton Mannings. What happens in the playoffs I don't know, but it will definitely make things interesting.

Get on the Forum

A forum is the best place to get a lot of different opinions on your fantasy football questions. If you need some advice on who to start post up a thread. FFLCommish also offers a nice forum where you can ask who you should start and also find out player injuries.

Wait Theres More

On top of that they write articles! Recently they have been posting their sleeper picks (as I have). Not sure I could agree at Shaun Alexander being a sleeper, he's still ranked on the top 5 on some lists. Taking a look at their Sleeper Wr list it's interesting to see Randy Moss at the top of the list. Being a Patriots wide receiver, that's already one strike against him, and being Randy Moss is strike two. However they are good articles if your looking for a nice fantasy football read, and some players to watch.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What If

--Did you realize that if Randy Moss had stayed with the Raiders, he and Daunte Culpepper would once again be paired up? What if they were the best combo of WR - QB next to Manning and Harrison in the league? The Raiders could've made a stand this year, if their defense held up.

--If Cedric Benson had showed up for training camp, the Bears would've given him the starting job. Thus taking the starting position away from Jones and potentially crushed the Bears' chances of going to the Super Bowl last year. Benson can run hard and score and all that jazz, but if he had gotten the job would they have even gone to the Super Bowl? Granted it was a year after the entire debacle, but a year is a lot in the NFL.

--Think about this. The Colts keep Edgerrin James. He starts and Addai is forgotten. Do the Colts still win the Super Bowl? If he stayed, then Addai would have some serious competition for the starting role. As soon as James left for Arizona, he was handed the job on a silver platter. He's a better RB than Rhodes, so he was the obvious man to go to. But James wasn't as big a guy. The Colts had a tough schedule last year defensive wise, would James've held up to it?

Vick Pleads Guilty to Dogfighting, Will Go to Prison

(ex) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has accepted a guilty plea deal. He will plead guilty to the federal dogfighting case and is scheduled to appear in court next Monday to determine his punishment.

After consulting with his family over the weekend, Vick came to the decision of pleading guilty. He apologized again. He "is accepting full responsibility for his actions."

Vick was apparently negotiating for a shorter prison sentence with hopes of 1 year or under. However it is more likely to be 18-36 months.

Good luck Mr. Vick.

Fantasy Football Running Back Sleeper

I listed my quarterback fantasy sleepers. Today I want to share a two possible running back sleepers.

Lamont Jordan

I heard someone on ESPN talking about him. I was one who got stuck with him last year, and I actually got value for him, trading him. This year he isn't getting drafted until the later rounds like 6 or 7. There won't be many running back starters left at that point in the draft, so you could get great value out of him drafting him so late. Jordan is definitely someone you don't want to reach for, but if he's sitting there in the later rounds he may be worth taking a flyer on compared to the other talent available.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Some of these "ESPN Gurus" have Fred Taylor going #5 in running backs. Pretty ridiculous. However, Jones-Drew is going a little later. There are running backs better than him, since they get more carries.

Jones-Drew is going to have another great year. If you saw him play last year at all you would agree. He just runs right over people, he's almost impossible to tackle. I was surprised Taylor lasted all of last season, but who knows if that will last. Jones-Drew can be a great pick as the say #15th running back taken.

Those are my sleepers, next time I have my Wide Receiver and Tight End sleepers, then it's on to the busts!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers

A sleeper can really be anyone that you get good value for. If you draft LT in the 2nd round which would never happen, he could be a "sleeper".

It's very difficult to choose sleepers as anyone can potentially become a sleeper. I have chosen 3 possible sleeper quarterbacks.

Jon Kitna

With Kevin Jones out, and a huge wide receiver tandem, there is little reason for Kitna not to do well. I imagine Detroit will be pass first for most of the year. There is endless possibilities at wide receiver. Kitna did well last year and I would definitely pick him for my team.

Joey Harrington

He will take a little time to get going, but he was decent at times last year. He's on a better team even with the Vick 'scandal' going on. Atlanta has been run first for a long time. Warrick Dunn and Norwood will open it up for Harrington. He can then dump the ball off to either RB, Alge Crumpler or Joe Horn. He could definitely serve as a possible backup

Jeff Garcia

He is also being drafted very low. Losman and Campbell both rank above him. Even though he is aging I think you can get value for him so low. Tampa Bay is a better team with Jeff Garcia as the QB.

I will be posting my sleepers for running back, wide receiver, and TE as well as possible busts for each position.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mike Alstott Out for the Season

Mike Alstott won't be on the field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. It is unclear if he can return next season. A neck injury has put him on the IR.

Mike Alstott is a huge key to the Bucs offense. His production has gone down every year, however he still contributes.

This injury directly affects Carnell Williams. He only scored 1 touchdown last season. Without Alstott (who scored 3 tds) he may get more goal line carries. However, who is going to block? I wouldn't bet my season on Cadillac Williams though.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Win 400$

Taking a quick break from NFL news I want to tell you a way that you can win 400$, no strings attached.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quinn Signs, Minter Retires

Brady Quinn has ended his 11 day holdout and finally signs with the Cleveland Browns. He agreed to a five-year contract worth 20.2 million, with 7.75 million guaranteed.

Mike Minter, Carolina's career leader in games started and tackles, has decided to call it quits after 10 seasons.

"I thought about it long and hard," Minter said. "I don't want to be at 80 or 85 percent, but want to be remembered as a player who always played at 100 percent."

Minter has had trouble with his knees and wasn't sure his body could complete another grueling NFL season.