Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Play Fantasy Football at

Many people have already begin to draft for their fantasy football season. If you are still undecided about where to play you might want to take a look at Fantasy Football Commissioner.

It is a pay to play league starting at 49.95 to create your own league. The fantasy football league manager gives you full control of your league, nearly everything is possible. They have very unique services that give you very extreme flexibility. Basically, you can make fantasy football your own thing. Change it, tweak it, play it.

A really unique feature that they offer is the same players on different teams. For example, a league may want each conference to allow teams to have the same player, but that player can only be on one team in each conference. So if there is 4 conferences, there can be 4 Peyton Mannings. What happens in the playoffs I don't know, but it will definitely make things interesting.

Get on the Forum

A forum is the best place to get a lot of different opinions on your fantasy football questions. If you need some advice on who to start post up a thread. FFLCommish also offers a nice forum where you can ask who you should start and also find out player injuries.

Wait Theres More

On top of that they write articles! Recently they have been posting their sleeper picks (as I have). Not sure I could agree at Shaun Alexander being a sleeper, he's still ranked on the top 5 on some lists. Taking a look at their Sleeper Wr list it's interesting to see Randy Moss at the top of the list. Being a Patriots wide receiver, that's already one strike against him, and being Randy Moss is strike two. However they are good articles if your looking for a nice fantasy football read, and some players to watch.