Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Potential Fantasy Football Busts for 2007

I've covered my fantasy football sleepers. When trying to make up my fantasy football busts, I found it a little bit harder, until I got in the spirit!

Eli Manning

Manning has huge bust potential and I really wanted to stay away from him this year, I had him last season. All talk about Eli has been negative, and he really just doesn't have the weapons he did. Burress has been injured off and on, and Tiki Barber isn't there to carry the load.

Donovan McNabb

The only thing that makes him a possible bust is his injury factor. Even though he was injured last season, he basically sent me to the playoffs himself. However, he wasn't there to win the championship for me. However, if he gets injured earlier this season, he can be a great loss for you.

Laurence Maroney

As TFFG said "It's time for Maroney to put up or shut up". He is going to be the featured back and see what he can do. He showed great "flashes" of brilliance, but at other times he really lacked. I drafted him as the 13th overall pick in my last draft, and I hope he shakes off his bust status.

Fred Taylor

"ESPN Guru's" had Fred Taylor ranked the 5th overall running back in early preseason. Anything really early for Taylor can definitely consider him a bust. Drafting him too early, you won't be able to get good value for him.

Randy Moss

Some people are considering Moss as a SLEEPER, which is very unlikely. Basically with his ability and potential he really is only a sleeper or bust. Randy Moss, just due to his talent, is still a top 20 wide receiver, but he can get lost in the system in New England. He will still get his looks, but he won't be a featured premier receiver. When that happens, should we expect to hear complaints?

Braylon Edwards

Edwards is a great wide receiver, but because he is a Cleveland Brown, he is very inconsistent. Last season I never knew when to play him. Between Winslow and Jurevicious taking his catches and the turnovers, there is even fewer balls to catch.

Jeremy Shockey

This goes for all Giants receivers, be careful. I definitely don't think Shockey will be putting up top 5 TE numbers. There are plenty more consistent TE's to take this season.

Do you have a bust list? Let us know who you think is going to under perform this year.