Monday, August 20, 2007

What If

--Did you realize that if Randy Moss had stayed with the Raiders, he and Daunte Culpepper would once again be paired up? What if they were the best combo of WR - QB next to Manning and Harrison in the league? The Raiders could've made a stand this year, if their defense held up.

--If Cedric Benson had showed up for training camp, the Bears would've given him the starting job. Thus taking the starting position away from Jones and potentially crushed the Bears' chances of going to the Super Bowl last year. Benson can run hard and score and all that jazz, but if he had gotten the job would they have even gone to the Super Bowl? Granted it was a year after the entire debacle, but a year is a lot in the NFL.

--Think about this. The Colts keep Edgerrin James. He starts and Addai is forgotten. Do the Colts still win the Super Bowl? If he stayed, then Addai would have some serious competition for the starting role. As soon as James left for Arizona, he was handed the job on a silver platter. He's a better RB than Rhodes, so he was the obvious man to go to. But James wasn't as big a guy. The Colts had a tough schedule last year defensive wise, would James've held up to it?