Thursday, September 06, 2007

Indianapolis Colts Look Like Superbowl Champs Week 1

The game turned out to really be what you can expect out of the Colts. Everyone started off a little slower, but as the game went on, you could really tell the Colts owned the game. Joseph Addai had 100 yards by the 3rd quarter, and saw very little of the 4th. Rookie left tackle Ugoh was a great blocker in this game.
Brees didn't manage the game well at all, and no one on the Saints really emerged to have a good game. Peyton Manning was really on point, and felt very little pressure through out the game.

Stats and Fantasy Impact

New Orleans Saints

No one player had a good game. Many people will be disappointed on how Drew Brees played. He threw zero touchdowns with 2 interceptions. The tandem of McAllister and Bush combined for under 80 rushing yards. Colston and Henderson were almost non-existent in this game. It was all around disappointing for the Saints, the only touchdown scored was on a defensive play.

Indianpolis Colts

Peyton Manning

With 288 yards and 3 touchdowns, he should rank among the top three quarterbacks for the week statistically.

Joseph Addai

I was worried about how he would handle the load alone this season, but he did very well finishig with over 100 yards and a touchdown.

Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne

Wayne finished with two touchdowns and 115 yards. Harrison also did very well with 83 yards and a touch.

I hope we will see more of the Saints of last season next week at Tampa Bay. They really played bad, if they can't turn it around the Bears may only be the only contender in the NFC. Indianapolis goes to Tennessee next week. If they play like they did tonight, they won't have a problem with anyone.


jdub said...

Manning to Harrison & Wayne was in mid-season form. If the Colts defense can play like that all year long it's going to be another 12+ win year and AFC title game at minimum appearance season. But let's keep it in perspective, it was the 1st game of the season at home. I remember the Eagles vs. Bucs in a similar Thursday night game after the Bucs had won the super bowl - they played an outstanding game to beat the Eagles and following that contest people were starting to talk about a dynasty. Well within ten weeks the Bucs were on their way to a losing season and the Eagles, if I recall, were on their way to the super bowl.