Friday, September 07, 2007

Poet's Pick'em for Week 1

I'm getting this up a little late, considering one game already played. However, I did pick Indy to win in my 'pick'em' league.

Week 1
Winners in Bold

Denver vs Buffalo
Miami vs Washington
Pittsburgh vs Cleveland
Tennessee vs Jacksonville
Kansas City vs Houston
Philidelphia vs Green Bay
Carolina vs St Louis
Atlanta vs Minnesota
New England vs New York Jets
Tampa Bay vs Seattle
Detriot vs Oakland
Chicago vs San Diego
New York Giants vs Dallas
Baltimore vs Cincinnati
Arizona vs San Francisco

These are straight up picks without the spread. There could definitely be some upsets this week. I think the Baltimore and Cincinnati have the makings for a great and close game. That one could go either way, but I gave it to Cinci because they are at home

Who are your picks?


Matthew said...

12 right