Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Raiders Aren't Taboo this Season

That's just for one simple reason, their value is so low. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to figure out their quarterback mess, but look at some of the other options.

Lamont Jordan

According to Lamont Jordan's average draft position is after players like Carnell Williams and Tatum Bell. If you are in a deeper league where running backs are slim, you could definitely go ahead and draft him in the 6th round. Some leagues are showing that he isn't being drafted until rounds 7-10. By drafting him so late, taking a flier on him might not be a bad choice.

Ronald Curry

I've selected Curry as one of my sleepers. He should be available to you in the last rounds of your draft. I took him as my last pick in one league. If he doesn't perform I won't have a problem dropping him.

Jerry Porter

He has quietly become a higher pick than Curry. I wouldn't take him for that reason. Some people are however higher on him than I am. He's an excellent receiver but hasn't been utilized in the Raider offense for a long time now. Both Porter and Curry appear to be the starters, so either of them can have potentially good seasons.

If you've already drafted like many have, you could possibly pick these guys up if they are on waivers. Another possibility is if you are trading someone and they have these guys, ask them to throw them into the trade, I'm sure they aren't valued much.


Anonymous said...

Nice list, I agree that the Raiders are definitely under valued after their terrible '06 season.