Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Waiver Wire Pick-Up of the Week

After a great Monday night performance against the Denver Broncos, Ryan Grant is the pick-up of the week. However, I am a little reserved about it. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when Brandon Jackson lost the starting job to Deshawn Wynn. After that Wynn has been disappointing and unpredictable.

The only reason Grant got an opportunity, was because of Wynn's season ending injury. That puts Grant in the same position Wynn was in.

Brandon Jackson, who has thus far been a disappointing, is going to be active and playing next Sunday. He should split the carries along with Grant and we can't forget Morency.

We also have to remember Grant's 100+ yard rushing performance was against the leagues worst defense, who on average gives up 166 yards per game rushing.

Grant will have to prove himself to me before I become a believer. Next week the Packers are against #17th ranked rushing defense Kansas City.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Contenders and Pretenders in the AFC

We are going into week 9 of the regular season. With it half over, you can start to see the playoff picture forming.

Who's contending, and whos pretending?

AFC West


Kansas City (4-3) The Chiefs are tied for first, almost by default. Larry Johnson has been suspect for the most part. The best player has been rookie Bowe, which I would be concerned about.


San Diego (4-3) They are the real deal and proved it yesterday by scoring 35 points in the first half against the Texans. With so many weapons on offense and defense, San Diego should easily win the division as expected

AFC North


Baltimore (4-3) Whether it's Steve McNair or Kyle Boller, they have the same chances of winning. As long as McGahee can stay healthy and keep running they might have a chance.

Cleveland (4-3) Even though their offense has drastically improved, they still are the Browns. Having one of the worst defenses in the NFL will cost Cleveland several games down the road.


Pittsburgh (5-2) They did lose that heartbreaker to Denver, but the Steelers are pretty solid. With Ward coming back from injury, they have his consistent play, along with a great run game, and a strong defense.

AFC South


Jacksonville (5-2) I think coaching may be a factor here. Why isn't Jones-Drew getting the majority of the carries? Just watch him play and you'll make a case for him too. They can't do it all on the ground either. The defense is good, but not as solid as they need to be.


Indianapolis (7-0) They are the colts! Even with injuries they find a way to win.

Tennessee (5-2) With Vince Young's worst QB performance, they still found a way to win. The stats may not be pretty, but they do compete. They almost handing the Colts their only loss.

AFC East


Buffalo (3-4) The Bills have found a way to win a couple of games, but this is hands down the Patriots division. Buffalo will be lucky to compete for a wildcard spot.


New England (8-0) Just have to get past the Colts, and sweet 16 may be there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fantasy Football Start'em Sit'em Week 8

Start 'Em

QB Ben Roethlisberger- I found myself starting several Pittsburgh Steelers this week against the Bengals this week. I hope Cincy will keep it close enough for Big Ben to throw it a few times this week.

RB Steven Jackson- We've seen questionable 'returns' out of running backs like Rudi Johnson and Laurence Maroney, but Jackson might be a different story. Going against the #30 ranked rushing defense, the Browns shouldn't give Jackson any trouble. Could be the easiest week for Marc Bulger yet.

WR Braylon Edwards- A lot of my teams are hurting, so getting Edwards back after the bye will really help. Edwards and the Browns against the Rams, should be able to do some damage. Look for Derek Anderson to have a big week too.

Sit 'Em

Earnest Graham- If you were using Graham to plug in for injuries and bye weeks, it may be time to trade or drop him. He did well against the Lions, but remember, its the Lions. This week in Jacksonville he should get shutdown. After Arizona in week 9, they have the bye week. By then Bennett should be fully understanding of the offense and splitting the bulk of the carries with Graham.

Kenny Watson / Rudi Johnson- Rudi is back to being listed as doubtful, so that leaves Kenny Watson. The Steelers have allowed only 1 rushing TD this season. Along with that, they average only 75 yards allowed per game on the ground. That means trouble for Watson.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chris Chambers in San Diego

Chris Chambers has less fantasy value in San Diego. I will not be scrambling to get him. In Miami, he leads the team in receiving yards. In San Diego, he will be lost in the bunch. Can you remember the last successful wide receiver to play for San Diego? It's not because of the lack of wide receiver talent, just the game plan. They don't need to throw with Tomlinson and Gates.

With so many offensive weapons, San Diego doesn't need to throw many TDs. When they do, it's generally not to a wide receiver. So far this season only 3 of 8 touchdowns have been to a wide receiver. Of the 17 total amount of touchdowns, 3 have been scored by wide receivers.

Last season 9 of 24 passing touchdowns were caught by receivers. If the stats hold true again (since the offense is almost identical, minus coaches) that means receivers should catch about 6 more touchdowns. Of those 6, I'd give at least two to Vincent Jackson, some to Buster Davis, where does Chris Chambers fit?

Chris Chambers should be worth the second round pick it took to get him. Eric Parker will not be able to return to the Chargers this season, and will be placed on the injured reserve.

Chambers could fit into the San Diego gameplan, but I would take a wait and see approach on him before putting any value on him.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What To Do If You Are 0-5

I've always been pretty good with fantasy football, and I usually win the league, or a majority of my games. For the first time I find myself 0-5. Due to draft malfunctions, injuries, and bad starts, my team has been terrible.

My team consists of questionable and injured players like Kurt Warner, Sammy Morris, Marc Bulger, Cedric Benson and Stephen Jackson. I also have good players like Willis McGahee, Joey Galloway, Jason Witten, and Joseph Addai.

What Can You Do?


Chances are you aren't the only one struggling. What you really want to do is upgrade. If you have a surplus at Running Back or Wide Receiver, package them up and get 1 good player. At this point you don't need depth, you need to win. Say you are holding some handcuffs like Kenny Watson, Michael Turner, or Sammy Morris. Those players aren't worth anything to you when they aren't playing, however they still have value. Adding on a wide receiver to a package someone might bite on a trade for someone who is producing now.

Hit the Waiver Wire

It's time to cut those who aren't producing and you can't trade. I mentioned I still had Bulger, I'm going to get rid of him. He's not doing me any good and he wasn't before either. If you are holding on to players like that.

Prepare for Next Season

This mostly applies to keeper leagues. If you have no hope to win, start preparing for next year. Some leagues allow you to trade future draft picks. If you have a few players on your bench or even starting you may be able to swing deals for mid level picks. Having two picks in a round can make your team more solid.

You may be 0-5 now, but make sure you won't be next year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fantasy Waiver Wire for Week 6

With so many players suffering injuries you need to really pay close attention to the waiver wire.

Consider these players when hitting the waiver wire this week:

Kurt Warner is the hot QB pickup of the week. He has gotten decent stats with Leinart starting, now with him out for the season, he's in a great place to produce some points. I went out to get him after Bulger and Kitna have been hurting my team.

Jeff Garcia is only owned in 47% of fleaflicker fantasy leagues. He is a bit hard to predict, but he is a decent option at this point.

Earnest Graham could be a huge fantasy wire pickup as more and more running backs are suffering big injuries. He didn't produce last week, but I still have faith in this pickup.

Many other running backs are on a bye week that should be able to wait on for another week. Najeh Davenport exploded against the Seahawks and could be a great pickup.

Not much on the wide receiver or tight end watch. Possible wide receiver pickups are Andre Davis, Nate Burleson, and Devery Henderson. Each have their own questionable fantasy traits. Picking one would be Burleson at home against New Orleans.

I made a last minute move on Sunday morning picking up Heath Miller in place of Todd Heap and I'm glad I did. Heap owners may need to replace him again this week, although he did practice. It's slim pickings for me, but a possible play is Greg Olsen who scored his first TD last week.

The hot waiver wire pickup for kickers this week has got to be Kris Brown who hit 5 field goals last sunday and three of them were from more than 50 yards.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Start em Sit em for Week 5


Jon Kitna- With tons of QB injuries Kitna has originally been my QB backup, and now it's time to put him in.

Sammy Morris- If Laurence Maroney can't go again expect another big day for Morris against the Browns. Last week he rushed for over 100 yards and a TD against the Bengals

Earnest Graham- He's been one of the hot pickups of the week with Caddy going down. Last week he had 17 attempts for 48 yards and a TD. Against STL he had 8 attempts for 75 yards and 2 TDs. Not only does he apparently have that breakout ability, he will get the goaline carries.

Braylon Edwards- He has at least one TD in his past three games. Even going against New England I expect him to continue his success. I called him a possible bust early this season, but he has so far proved me wrong. Maybe because of Derek Anderson?

Marques Colston- It's been hard to play him since he has only put up 1 TD this season. If the Saints are going to get anywhere against Carolina it will be through the air and with Colston.

Texans Def- With my Vikings defense on a BYE, the Texans should be a nice fit here. Surprisingly they are the top 10 in fantasy defenses. Against Miami they shouldn't have too much trouble.


I don't have many sits this week, because my sits are people who are injured. I threw together two though.

Bernard Berrian- No QB, no WR

Vincent Jackson- Being "distracted" isn't helping the Chargers.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another RB Bites the Dust

Running back Carnell "Cadillac" Williams will undergo season-ending knee surgery.

Williams injured his right knee during the first quarter of last Sundays game. Caddy overcame a huge slump continuing from last season. In week 2 he rushed for 61 yards and 2 TDs, and the following week vs St Louis he rushed for 46 yards and a TD.

Michael Pittman and Earnest Graham are going to split the load at RB. Pittman has more yards, but Graham has 3 TDs on the year, and may be worth a look.

With Caddy and Alstott out, it looks as though Graham should continue to get the goal line carries. If your hurting at running back and looking for the next best guy, Graham might be worth a spot at this point.

Schutt IoN 4D Football Helmet

The Ultimate Site for the Ultimate Fan
Schutts Sports ordered a ReviewMe to create a little buzz about their new football helmet. I haven't looked much into sports equipment so I thought it would be pretty interesting to learn about what's new.

What is it?

The Schutt IoN 4D is the new helmet that incorporates an all-new faceguard that has never been seen before. It is integrated into the helmet shell itself, not attached like other helmets.

The faceguard provides players with a wider view of the field compared to other faceguard designs.

The helmet is cushioned with the next generation of SkyDex2. The Skydex2 claims to be the most advanced cushioning system in the game. What makes it different is that it isn't foam like the rest of the cushions in football helmets today.

The helmet was designed using the latest 3d computer modeling and impact analysis, that hopes to rival other popular helmets available to players today.

Who Wears It?

How interesting would this review be if it was just explaining the product? I was impressed to see that the new style of helmet was already popular in both college and the pro's. College teams such as Penn State, Virginia, and TCU wear the helmet. Also, New York Giants Amani Toomer and Brandon Jacobs both wear the helmet.