Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chris Chambers in San Diego

Chris Chambers has less fantasy value in San Diego. I will not be scrambling to get him. In Miami, he leads the team in receiving yards. In San Diego, he will be lost in the bunch. Can you remember the last successful wide receiver to play for San Diego? It's not because of the lack of wide receiver talent, just the game plan. They don't need to throw with Tomlinson and Gates.

With so many offensive weapons, San Diego doesn't need to throw many TDs. When they do, it's generally not to a wide receiver. So far this season only 3 of 8 touchdowns have been to a wide receiver. Of the 17 total amount of touchdowns, 3 have been scored by wide receivers.

Last season 9 of 24 passing touchdowns were caught by receivers. If the stats hold true again (since the offense is almost identical, minus coaches) that means receivers should catch about 6 more touchdowns. Of those 6, I'd give at least two to Vincent Jackson, some to Buster Davis, where does Chris Chambers fit?

Chris Chambers should be worth the second round pick it took to get him. Eric Parker will not be able to return to the Chargers this season, and will be placed on the injured reserve.

Chambers could fit into the San Diego gameplan, but I would take a wait and see approach on him before putting any value on him.


Anonymous said...

Nice analysis and very good thinking...I completely agree and would also add that Chambers has been one of the more overrated NFL receivers - he was the most targeted WR in the NFL last season yet failed to even catch 80 balls or exceed 1000 yards receiving. He's a spectacular athlete but on a play in and play out basis he's not as good as his reputation would lead you to believe.

Matthew said...

thanks for the comment Josh. Yeah one of the problems with him is about dropped balls etc. The other side is that he hasn't had a quality QB to throw it to him. Soon we will find out if it matters