Monday, October 29, 2007

Contenders and Pretenders in the AFC

We are going into week 9 of the regular season. With it half over, you can start to see the playoff picture forming.

Who's contending, and whos pretending?

AFC West


Kansas City (4-3) The Chiefs are tied for first, almost by default. Larry Johnson has been suspect for the most part. The best player has been rookie Bowe, which I would be concerned about.


San Diego (4-3) They are the real deal and proved it yesterday by scoring 35 points in the first half against the Texans. With so many weapons on offense and defense, San Diego should easily win the division as expected

AFC North


Baltimore (4-3) Whether it's Steve McNair or Kyle Boller, they have the same chances of winning. As long as McGahee can stay healthy and keep running they might have a chance.

Cleveland (4-3) Even though their offense has drastically improved, they still are the Browns. Having one of the worst defenses in the NFL will cost Cleveland several games down the road.


Pittsburgh (5-2) They did lose that heartbreaker to Denver, but the Steelers are pretty solid. With Ward coming back from injury, they have his consistent play, along with a great run game, and a strong defense.

AFC South


Jacksonville (5-2) I think coaching may be a factor here. Why isn't Jones-Drew getting the majority of the carries? Just watch him play and you'll make a case for him too. They can't do it all on the ground either. The defense is good, but not as solid as they need to be.


Indianapolis (7-0) They are the colts! Even with injuries they find a way to win.

Tennessee (5-2) With Vince Young's worst QB performance, they still found a way to win. The stats may not be pretty, but they do compete. They almost handing the Colts their only loss.

AFC East


Buffalo (3-4) The Bills have found a way to win a couple of games, but this is hands down the Patriots division. Buffalo will be lucky to compete for a wildcard spot.


New England (8-0) Just have to get past the Colts, and sweet 16 may be there.


Anonymous said...

Nice overview...I disagree that the Jags are pretenders (maybe for the Super Bowl) but I think they're one of the top 8 teams in the NFL, unfortunately they maybe #7 or #8 in the AFC. MJD is one of the more dynamic offensive players in the NFL, if they start getting him going and get Garrard back, they'll roll off a bunch of wins to get to 11-5 or so.

Overall nice though!

Matthew said...

Thanks John,

The Jags I would call more borderline. They have found a way to win, but it's not from the offensive.

The thing is they just arent giving it to MJD.

Garrard wasn't throwing INTS, but didn't do much either. Only 6 TD