Monday, October 01, 2007

Schutt IoN 4D Football Helmet

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Schutts Sports ordered a ReviewMe to create a little buzz about their new football helmet. I haven't looked much into sports equipment so I thought it would be pretty interesting to learn about what's new.

What is it?

The Schutt IoN 4D is the new helmet that incorporates an all-new faceguard that has never been seen before. It is integrated into the helmet shell itself, not attached like other helmets.

The faceguard provides players with a wider view of the field compared to other faceguard designs.

The helmet is cushioned with the next generation of SkyDex2. The Skydex2 claims to be the most advanced cushioning system in the game. What makes it different is that it isn't foam like the rest of the cushions in football helmets today.

The helmet was designed using the latest 3d computer modeling and impact analysis, that hopes to rival other popular helmets available to players today.

Who Wears It?

How interesting would this review be if it was just explaining the product? I was impressed to see that the new style of helmet was already popular in both college and the pro's. College teams such as Penn State, Virginia, and TCU wear the helmet. Also, New York Giants Amani Toomer and Brandon Jacobs both wear the helmet.