Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Waiver Wire Pick-Up of the Week

After a great Monday night performance against the Denver Broncos, Ryan Grant is the pick-up of the week. However, I am a little reserved about it. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when Brandon Jackson lost the starting job to Deshawn Wynn. After that Wynn has been disappointing and unpredictable.

The only reason Grant got an opportunity, was because of Wynn's season ending injury. That puts Grant in the same position Wynn was in.

Brandon Jackson, who has thus far been a disappointing, is going to be active and playing next Sunday. He should split the carries along with Grant and we can't forget Morency.

We also have to remember Grant's 100+ yard rushing performance was against the leagues worst defense, who on average gives up 166 yards per game rushing.

Grant will have to prove himself to me before I become a believer. Next week the Packers are against #17th ranked rushing defense Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

I agree Grant may not be a fantasy starter going forward and he's in the same position as others in GB but who do you think will ultimately be the primary back for the Packers?

The fact Grant put up 104 yards, Wynn was lost for the season to injury and Morency/Jackson can't stay healthy makes him the defacto starter in the near term.

Matthew said...

it's possible, but the same thing happened with Wynn. Named the starter, took the majority, and was just too inconsistent to be a fantasy starter.

Grant may be the starter, but he could be a tough one to call