Monday, October 15, 2007

What To Do If You Are 0-5

I've always been pretty good with fantasy football, and I usually win the league, or a majority of my games. For the first time I find myself 0-5. Due to draft malfunctions, injuries, and bad starts, my team has been terrible.

My team consists of questionable and injured players like Kurt Warner, Sammy Morris, Marc Bulger, Cedric Benson and Stephen Jackson. I also have good players like Willis McGahee, Joey Galloway, Jason Witten, and Joseph Addai.

What Can You Do?


Chances are you aren't the only one struggling. What you really want to do is upgrade. If you have a surplus at Running Back or Wide Receiver, package them up and get 1 good player. At this point you don't need depth, you need to win. Say you are holding some handcuffs like Kenny Watson, Michael Turner, or Sammy Morris. Those players aren't worth anything to you when they aren't playing, however they still have value. Adding on a wide receiver to a package someone might bite on a trade for someone who is producing now.

Hit the Waiver Wire

It's time to cut those who aren't producing and you can't trade. I mentioned I still had Bulger, I'm going to get rid of him. He's not doing me any good and he wasn't before either. If you are holding on to players like that.

Prepare for Next Season

This mostly applies to keeper leagues. If you have no hope to win, start preparing for next year. Some leagues allow you to trade future draft picks. If you have a few players on your bench or even starting you may be able to swing deals for mid level picks. Having two picks in a round can make your team more solid.

You may be 0-5 now, but make sure you won't be next year.