Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bears and Redskins

I will slowly start to climb out of my hole and begin to peek at whats going on in the NFL, then actually post on this blog I have been so kindly invited to write on.

As we all know, the Bears play the Skins tonight. This would be Thursday.

The thought of the Bears playing on Thursday night is a very big thing here in Chicago and all the offensive problems have been set squarely on the shoulders of Rex Grossman. Not all the problems have come from the quaterbacks.

Cedric Benson is out for the remainder of the season so the lesser of the two Adrian Peterson's in the NFL is now at the running back position for the Bears. Last year in 16 games Peterson had only 41 yards on 10 carries. This year in twelve games he's rushed for 256 yards on 74 attempts and through the air has 335 yards with 40 receptions. 591 all purpose yards.

Now, switching over to the Redskins.

They're coming off the tragic and unfortunate death of Sean Taylor, so the team will want to play well.

Antwan Randle El and Santana Moss have combined for 1,094 yards and 82 receptions. Not too shabby for the Redskins.

Middle linebacker London Fletcher has 100 tackles exactly and no sacks. The Bears have allowed 38 sacks this year so maybe tonight will be Fletcher's chance to get his first sack of the '07-'08 season.

Defensive end Andre Carter, however, leads the team in sacks with 8. Against the Bears' somewhat weak O-line I'd say he gets 2 tonight.

Fantasy Notes

  1. Tonight would be a good game to start the Redskins' defense. I'd say they get 4 sacks as a team which can be a plus in most point leagues.
  2. Des Clark may be a good start for tonights game. He caught a TD from Grossman against the Giants so he may be looked to for a few touches tonight.
  3. Start Brian Griese. Depending on who else you have I'd go with him.
Oh right. My pick: Redskins, but barely.

Final thing here; I was digging through my football cards and I found a Devin Hester rookie card in almost perfect condition. Thats why you save the rookies.