Monday, December 17, 2007

Bears @ Vikings

Tonight is the clash of the Peterson's.

Adrian versus Adrian, that is.

The Minnesota version of AP is a highly touted rookie and has a clear shot at the Rookie of the Year award in the NFL. He has exactly 1,200 yards in only 11 games at the running back position. Where as the Bears' has only 291 yards.

If I were a betting kind of fellow I would put my money on the Bears and I'll tell you why.

The Minnesota Vikings team as a whole have only complied 14 interceptions in their 14 games thus far. The Bears are mainly a passing team due to the unreliability in their running backs. The Chicago wide receivers have a total of 3,214 yards which is great for Chicago. The main threat for the Bears is speedy Bernard Berrian and Devin Hester (who can flat-out out run anyone in the league in my opinion). If quarterback Kyle Orton can get his passes over the defensive backs I can see Chicago pulling away quickly.

Speaking of Orton, he'll be out to prove himself as a legitimate NFL quarterback. Like I said, if his passes are what they could be he may get the nod for next week as well. I've seen him play quite a lot, what with living near Chicago, so I know when he's on top and when he's hit rock bottom.

But heres what I think about Minnesota.

The Vikings offensive attack is mainly based around running back Adrian Peterson, whom I mentioned earlier. The Chicago defensive line has been banged up to this point and have allowed 1,601 rushing yards, 224 of which came from Peterson on October 14th.

The wide receiving core of the Vikings has been over shadowed by the terrific running ability of Adrian Peterson so I'll spend a little time on them.

Former Bear Bobby Wade is the team leader in the yards category with 451 and is averaging 11.3 yards per reception. Sidney Rice, however, is the leader in touchdown catches with 4 and 386 yards. Quaterback Tarvaris Jackson, in my mind, has yet to show his true throwing ability and tonight is probably not the night to start that. The Bears' defensive backing has been quite impressive so far and they can keep pace with speedy receivers.

My pick: Bears, due to their spectacular line backing core and their defensive backs.

Fantasy Notes - Most fantasy leagues are winding down, but oh well...

  1. Adrian Peterson is still nursing his leg from his injury. I'm not taking anything away from his ability but he may not be on-par with what hes capable of. I don't have him on my roster but if I did I'd be a little wary when starting him.
  2. If you have the Chicago Bears as a team you may want to look into starting them. I'm posting this real, real late but I'll say it anyway: start 'em. You'll get a boat load of points from Devin Hester's kick returns if they dare kick/punt to The Windy City Flier.
  3. Kyle Orton may not be a bad start tonight. If you have him benched or if you see him on the wire go ahead and slot him in a backup position. This all depends on how many quarterback slots your roster allows you to maintain. If it's only one then I'd let him rot on your bench.
  4. Sidney Rice doesn't look so bad right about now. If he's on your bench go ahead and slot him in.
Congratulations to all who have won their championship games. My current championship is down to a thread as I need Chester Taylor of the Vikings to score 7 points and I win my first ever.

Until next article,

- Rex