Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 16

You don't get much time off between articles at this point in the season.

The Thursday night game is already two days away and we just had the Monday game.

This Thursday's game is a fantasy footballers dream. The Pittsburgh Steelers against the St. Louis Rams. My reasoning behind this is that they each have very reliable starting players. With the Steelers you have Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, Hines Ward, the entire defense and even Santonio Holmes. For the Rams you have Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, Steven Jackson, possibly Marc Bulger and even their defense at times.

The Rams enter the game with a record of 3-11. Very poor for this team. Over the past year or so they've begun a fast decline down the standings while the Steelers quickly rose past peoples expectations. The Rams' O-Line has allowed 44 sacks this season, all but 11 being placed on starting quarterback Marc Bulger.

Bulger is up to a rousing total of 2,008 passing yards with 7 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Bench him. Steven Jackson doesn't even have 1,000 yards on the ground yet. In the offseason he was way overrated as he was ranked the highest of one in the league in the running backs subcategory.

Flipping over to the Steelers.

They've gotten big games out of Big Ben this year. His five touchdown game against Baltimore in week 9 was truly impressive. Since 2004 when he took over he's shown quite an array of passing skills. He can maneuver the ball over the heads of defensive backs and linebackers and in to the hands of his receivers.

Fast Willie (Parker) is the teams leading rusher, no surprise, with 1,317 yards but only 2 touchdowns. He is quick but gets pounded easily by defensive backs equally as fast.

Fantasy Notes

  1. Roethlisberger is a definite start every week. Like I mentioned earlier he had a five touchdown performance. Luckily he's been able to refrain injuries so far this year.
  2. Steven Jackson, Mr. Overrated, is now a bench in my mind.
  3. Torry Holt and Issac Bruce are starts depending on who else you have on your roster.
My pick: Steelers

- Rex