Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What is Brett Favres Fantasy Value?

Brett Favre 2008 Training Camp
We've all seen the charade that has become Brett Favre's career. It's really just been a circus.

Has that diminished his fantasy value?

Well, essentially he had none to begin with. Aaron Rodgers has been designated the go-to guy and WILL be the Green Bay Packers opening day quarterback barring injury.

Where does that leave Brett Favre?

Essentially, on another team.

According to the NFL Network's Adam Schefter, Favre spoke to both the Buccaneers and Jets on Tuesday to discuss a possible trade with either of the two clubs.

That still leaves Favre in a Quarterback battle where it may still question his fantasy value.

In Tampa Bay there is Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, Luke McCown, Chris Simms, and recently drafted Josh Johnson.

In New York, it's not nearly as bad a situation, but Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens to deal with.

Just like last year, Brett Favre may be entering the season with little to none fantasy value. But, just like last year, he may surprise us.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pacman Jones Reinstated in Dallas - Almost

Adam Pacman Jones
Adam "Pacman" Jones can join the Dallas Cowboys, but hasn't technically been unsuspended. He has been granted allowance to participate in off season workouts and practice. He could join the team as early as today.

Commissioner Roger Goodell will decide by September 1st whether to fully end the suspension or not. If Jones can keep straight for the next few months, we should see him on the field this regular season.

Jones played a total of 30 games for the Tennessee Titans. He accumulated a total of 115 tackles and 4 interceptions. He was valuable on special teams as well. He has recorded 4 punt return TDs.

Dallas traded a fourth round pick in this years draft to acquire Pacman Jones. If he plays that investment should pay off. With the pick the Tennessee Titans chose wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jason Taylor Dancing His Way Out Of Miami?

As Jason Taylor finished second on Dancing with the Stars, he may have also danced his way off the Miami Dolphins.

Since Taylor isn't expected to take part in any training camp activities it has irked Bill Parcells and coach Tony Sparano. It appears both sides are unhappy with eachother, that may signal the end of his tenure as a Miami Dolphin since 1997. Jason Taylor was the only Miami Dolphin to be selected to the Pro Bowl, so moving on without him may not be the best thing for rebuilding.

Defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday said that Taylor's absence hasn't been a distraction to players.

"All they want to know is if and when he's coming back," Holliday said. "That's the only issues we have with JT right now."

Jason Taylor has been on and off the trading block, with Jacksonville being interested. Owner Wayne Huizenga has said the team is open to trading Taylor. In the draft, Miami took two defensive ends in the second and third round.

Last season Jason Taylor has 11 sacks to make his career total 117. That is third among active players.

Anyone who ends up with Jason Taylor will be lucky. I am predicting he will have an explosive season. Although he is 33, his Dancing with the Stars experience has made for a quicker and faster Taylor. With last seasons stats of 56 tackles, 11 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and an interception, I only see him improving on those statistics.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Picks

The 2008 NFL Draft was pretty interesting. It was full of interesting picks as well as trades and very strategic planning. Here is the first round results for the 2008 NFL Draft.

1 Miami: Jake Long OT
2 St. Louis: Chris Long DE
3 Atlanta: Matt Ryan QB
4 Oakland: Darren McFadden RB
5 Kansas City: Glenn Dorsey DT
6 NY Jets: Vernon Gholston DE
7 New Orleans: Sedrick Ellis DT
8 Jacksonville: Derrick Harvey DE
9 Cincinnati: Keith Rivers LB
10 New England: Jerod Mayo OLB
11 Buffalo: Leodis McKelvin CB
12 Denver: Ryan Clady OT
13 Carolina: Jonathan Stewart RB
14 Chicago: Chris Williams OT
15 Kansas City: Branden Albert OG
16 Arizona: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB
17 Detroit: Gosder Cherilus OT
18 Baltimore: Joe Flacco QB
19 Carolina: Jeff Otah OT
20 Tampa Bay: Aqib Talib CB
21 Atlanta: Sam Baker OT
22 Dallas: Felix Jones RB
23 Pittsburgh: Rashard Mendenhall RB
24 Tennessee: Chris Johnson RB
25 Dallas: Mike Jenkins CB
26 Houston: Duane Brown OT
27 San Diego: Antoine Cason CB
28 Seattle: Lawrence Jackson DE
29 San Francisco: Kentwan Balmer DE
30 NY Jets: Dustin Keller TE
31 NY Giants: Kenny Phillips FS

The first six picks were pretty straightforward. It seemed as the draft started thats what everyone predicted it to do. I knew who was getting picked when. After the top 6 it got a bit more interesting.

New England was able to trade down a bit, but still reached with their pick Jerod Mayo. Kiper and other analysts had him going later in the round. I didn't realize how much needs New England has, so they could of done better.

Baltimore did great with trading down to get more choices. Baltimore traded with Jacksonville. Jacksonville traded all the way down to pick #8 to reach for Derrick Harvey which may prove to be too much.

Baltimore in turn went after quarterback Joe Flaco since Matt Ryan was already chosen.

San Diego was pretty much certain to pick an offensive lineman or corner back. Most people had them selecting Brandon Flowers. Instead they went with Antoine Cason. That led to Brandon Flowers dropping to round 2. He was selected 35th overall by Kansas City.

This draft definitely made the AFC even more interesting. Especially the AFC West and the AFC South.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Draft Pick of 2008

Well the mystery of the first pick was given away a little premature.

The Dolphins signed Jake Long to a 5 year deal worth 57.5 million.

Long is brought in to build the offensive line hoping to give whichever guy is quarterback some protection. He should also help the running game which struggled after Ronnie Brown went down.

Was this the right choice for Miami?

Well so far I think it is, but only time will tell. Who will be draft pick #2?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jared Allen Traded for Load of Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are officially in rebuilding mode after trading Jared Allen to the Vikings. Pro Bowl defensive end and last years sack leader nets the Chiefs a load of picks.

The Chiefs get:

  • First round pick (17th overall)
  • Third round pick (73rd overall)
  • Third round pick (82nd overall)

The Vikings signed Allen to a 6 year 73.26 million dollar deal.

This is a questionable trade for both teams.

Kansas City gains a ton of great picks, but loses their defensive leader.

Minnesota is giving up a lot of picks when they have a few needs other than lineman. I don't know if the running game will be enough to make them real contenders.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mel Kipers Top 25 in the 2008 NFL Draft

As the NFL draft gets closer, there is more and more talk about who will be drafted where. Mel Kiper JR has put together his top 25 players in the 2008 NFL Draft. This list is as of April 11th and should continue to change until draft day.

1. Glenn Dorsey DT
2. Darren McFadden RB
3. Matt Ryan QB
4. Jake Long OT
5. Chris Long DE
6. Sedrick Ellis DT
7. Vernon Gholston DE
8. Ryan Clady OT
9. Branden Albert OG/OT
10. Rashard Mendenhall RB
11. Chris Williams OT
12. Jeff Otah OT
13. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB
14. Aqib Talib CB
15. Phillip Merling DE
16. Keith Rivers LB
17. Jerod Mayo LB
18. Felix Jones RB
19. Leodis McKelvin CB
20. Devin Thomas WR
21. Jonathan Stewart RB
22. Mike Jenkins CB
23. Derrick Harvey DE
24. Joe Flacco Sr. QB
25. Kentwan Balmer QB

Who are your top draft picks?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Leave LT Alone

The world already knows that LaDanian Tomlinson was limited to only 3 plays in the AFC Championship game with the New England Patriots. Fans, announcers, and former football players have called LT on sitting out.

Just Leave LT Alone

The backlash has been plastered all over the newspapers, internet, and television. Fans have expressed their disappointed with the San Diego Chargers star running back sitting out. Not only did he sit out, he basically turned off. He remained on the sideline with his helmet on throughout the game. He barely moved.

Just Leave LT Alone

Sportswriters have jumped to Tomlinsons side providing many great articles that LT must have been seriously injured not to play. He's never missed a game. If he didn't have it, and couldn't play that should be enough. Just Leave LT Alone!

I completely agree 100%, but as a fan, I still think he should of played. Not necessarily a Charger fan, but more, a football fan. I wanted the best teams to win Sunday. Without LT on the field I don't think the Chargers had a chance to be the best team. With Rivers hobbling around and Gates coming in and out of the game, just trying to play, it was hard to watch LT on the bench.

I read several articles about all the things they needed to do to beat the Patriots. They did all of those things. Except, have a productive game out of LT that should of included 100 yards+ and a TD.

As a fan, and a sports blogger, I am torn between the two. It's already been a week already and in San Diego we are still getting the LT backlash of him sitting out. Within reason, LT was too hurt to play, I understand that. However, LT has been nothing less than excellence, especially lately. As a diehard football fan, I still believe LT should have played, whether it was reasonable or not. We expect nothing but the best of our sports heroes. LT is just that. When you have several Chargers banged up throughout the year, and players like Owens who managed to play with a broken ankle or leg. It's hard to watch one of the greatest running back, spend the biggest game of his career, on the bench.

It's still time to leave LT alone.