Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Leave LT Alone

The world already knows that LaDanian Tomlinson was limited to only 3 plays in the AFC Championship game with the New England Patriots. Fans, announcers, and former football players have called LT on sitting out.

Just Leave LT Alone

The backlash has been plastered all over the newspapers, internet, and television. Fans have expressed their disappointed with the San Diego Chargers star running back sitting out. Not only did he sit out, he basically turned off. He remained on the sideline with his helmet on throughout the game. He barely moved.

Just Leave LT Alone

Sportswriters have jumped to Tomlinsons side providing many great articles that LT must have been seriously injured not to play. He's never missed a game. If he didn't have it, and couldn't play that should be enough. Just Leave LT Alone!

I completely agree 100%, but as a fan, I still think he should of played. Not necessarily a Charger fan, but more, a football fan. I wanted the best teams to win Sunday. Without LT on the field I don't think the Chargers had a chance to be the best team. With Rivers hobbling around and Gates coming in and out of the game, just trying to play, it was hard to watch LT on the bench.

I read several articles about all the things they needed to do to beat the Patriots. They did all of those things. Except, have a productive game out of LT that should of included 100 yards+ and a TD.

As a fan, and a sports blogger, I am torn between the two. It's already been a week already and in San Diego we are still getting the LT backlash of him sitting out. Within reason, LT was too hurt to play, I understand that. However, LT has been nothing less than excellence, especially lately. As a diehard football fan, I still believe LT should have played, whether it was reasonable or not. We expect nothing but the best of our sports heroes. LT is just that. When you have several Chargers banged up throughout the year, and players like Owens who managed to play with a broken ankle or leg. It's hard to watch one of the greatest running back, spend the biggest game of his career, on the bench.

It's still time to leave LT alone.