Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fantasy Football Eliminator Challenge

The NFL kicks off tonight with Pittsburgh and Tennessee. That means once again it's Fantasy Football time! As Fantasy Football grows into a huge hobby so do the websites, leagues, as well as the rewards!

That's right, rewards. Some leagues offer a prize for winning, even without an entry fee. I found a Football Eliminator Challenge where there is no entry fee, and you can win $1,000!

An Eliminator Challenge is pretty straightforward. Each week you must predict the winning team. You pick one team a week, and you can't pick the same team to win twice during the season. So you have to use the schedule to figure out who you want to pick.

This week I chose the San Diego Chargers, because I want to make sure to get into round 2, but the most popular choice this week seems to be the New Orlean Saints over the Detroit Lions

Eliminator Challenge Sign-Up

To be eligible to win the $1000, follow these steps.

Register a username at if you don't have one.

Join the SpendOnLife group, the password is creditcard1.

Start picking the winning team each week.

Post a comment at the SpendOnLife blog and follow their instructions to be eligible for the prize money.

That's it! Good luck.